My boy is lame, vet believes it's ACL tear. :(

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by NYDDB, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. BigMevy

    BigMevy New Member

    Just saw your post and thought I'd chime in. My Bullmastiff Porter is in a similar boat. I had to go on a business trip back in early November, and the second day I was gone the place I board him called and asked if I'd noticed him limping. I hadn't of course, I'm guessing he hurt it playing with the other dogs.

    I kept him restricted in activity for about 3 weeks myself, and as it wasn't getting better I took him into my vet. He examined him and said he suspected it was a cruciate tear, we put him on anti-inflamatory meds and restricted activity again. 2 weeks later and he hadn't gotten better.

    I did some research myself, though oddly never thought to check here. I found some of the same sites the others had mentioned. In the end I decided to go with the surgery. Porter is scheduled for the end of next week, so I'll be sure to report back in after a while as his recovery progresses.

    Good luck with your pooch, he's a good lookin guy.
  2. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Thank you, BigMevy. Sorry to hear about your guy as well.

    Please keep us updated as to his progress and recovery. I hope the surgery is successful for Porter!
  3. danielleconn

    danielleconn Member

    Wow...seeing all of Mateo's shenanigans got me thinking about his acl tear. How is his recovery? I can't believe it was December all of this was happening & reading about his therapy! Did the conservative management route work as you imagined? I don't know what made me think of this and then I had to go digging to find this thread. I am assuming he is well...he is getting into mischief, sweet boy! Loves him!
  4. gilles

    gilles Active Member

    from what you describe it does not seem so bad...give him few days of rest and i believe he will be fine. do not let the vet do harsh manipulations anymore. after a week of rest and limited walking seek another opinion , many vets push surgery for no reason.
  5. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Thank you for asking, danielleconn. It has been awhile, although I think I started a different thread when I started taking Mateo to water therapy. If not, here are some pics from December/January:

    IMG_2516.jpg IMG_2608.jpg IMG_2613.jpg

    He did respond really well to 10 weeks of the therapy--- by the February, he was not only holding his own, but no longer limping. By March, he was running a bit, up and down stairs, and I would say about 90% better than what he was.

    I was so pleased; this is what I was hoping for, even though I knew his knee would always be a liability-- and I was so careful not to have him overdo it.

    Until....the squirrel happened. We were in the park, I was sitting and talking with a friend, and Mateo was laying down on the grass next to me. For some stupid reason, my hand was not on the leash, and he saw a squirrel and took off like a bullet after it. He zigged when he should have zagged....and came up limp.

    I was devastated... Now, we are back to short walks and allowing his knee to heal enough to start some water rehab again.

    He seems fine, otherwise, and does put weight on it to pee (lifting his stronger leg), so that's a good sign.

    I have also heard that this is not uncommon--and make take longer for the new injury to heal. We will see. At least it happened during the summer, when he slows down anyway due to the heat....
  6. danielleconn

    danielleconn Member

    Oh that's great & bad news...those pesky squirrels! Teasing poor Mateo! I do think you had another thread, as I remember the water treadmill pics but I LOVE the ones of him swimming! He is so cute! I hope he heals fast! It's hard stopping these big dogs exuberance when they find something enticing! Yes this summer heat has slowed Zoe down to a sloth like existence!
  7. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Thanks- yeah, good/bad news kind of thing. But, we have the hot weather in our favor...and time. Mateo becomes sloth-like as well, LOL.

    Plus, one of his favorite activities-even before the injury- is to just climb up on a bench and just people watch. So, we are doing a lot of that these days. :)
  8. sandy stroman

    sandy stroman New Member

    had a Bull Mastiff about 4 years gone now, had both of his hind knees operated on in Columbia SC by a Dr. Suber, He did wonderful and it extended our boys life 5 years. There are some wonderful Doctors out there.

  9. sandy stroman

    sandy stroman New Member

    H ad a Bull Mastiff with Interior Cruciate in both back knees. Had both knees replaced in Columbia SC by Doctor Suber. It extended our wonderful boy for 5 years. He was a little odd looking when he got happy because the replacement parts didn't move the same , but his life was pain free for 5 good years. :eek:

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