Mismark Mastiff coats

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by NeoBull, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    Mismatched Berner:
    berner1.jpg berner2.jpg berner3.jpg

    Also a cool looking mismatched lab:
  2. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    They look like American/English crosses

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    The Lab looks awesome! Like a Hyena!
  3. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

  4. northernmastiff

    northernmastiff New Member

    Berner is beautiful, Lab looks great, I love the paint splashed labs too. Completely forgot about those.
    2344823615_defb202858.jpg Siesta.260.jpg

    I agree with Neobull, those do not look like purebred English Bulldogs and I'm still not a fan of the coloring.
  5. allsierra123

    allsierra123 New Member

    No there not supposed to be an English there a recreation of the old Victorian bulldog.

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  6. Marrowshard

    Marrowshard New Member

    You say "paint-splashed", I say genetic chimera. Either way ... I'd be totally proud to own a "mismarked" dog. The oddball Lab looks like an African Wild Dog to me:
  7. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    I like the paint splash labs those are interesting. Marrow that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the mismatch lab.

    Northermastiff the breeder sounds a good one, very enlightened to read that they don't cull based off looks. I know quite a few that do its sad.....
  8. Mickey48

    Mickey48 New Member

  9. bullyBug

    bullyBug New Member

    Wow, love the pied Em and painted Labs.

    There was a color mutation in a german shepherd some years ago. Turns out the gene is dominant and is now being bred for and promoted as a new breed:





  10. Oak Hill Farm

    Oak Hill Farm New Member

    They are every "bully dog you can imagine crossed! I have had some interesting conversations with Chadde he definitely has a vision (*note* I am not agreeing or disagreeing with his breeding decisions). His dog Omen was pretty awesome.

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    I thought the same thing! It is kind of cool looking.
  11. Oak Hill Farm

    Oak Hill Farm New Member

    I like the anomalies as long as people don't breed for them. Sometime strange things pop up due to genetic mutations. I think some of the dogs in this thread look like obvious crosses somewhere in the line though.
  12. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    The Dingo ate the baby. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Most of these look cool Only the rotti did I not like.
  13. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    Merle Bulldog is cool looking, I've seen the Shepherds like that before, what do they call the coat? And I agree, they're cool/interesting, but I don't think people should intentionally breed for mismarks in most cases.

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