Mastiff with pyoderma! Looking for Recommendations

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by SammytheMastiff, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. SammytheMastiff

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    We rescued our mastiff 2 years ago and he has been suffering with these skin conditions ever since. They form circular shapes, are very crusty and itchy and we can't imagine how uncomfortable he is (not ring worm). We've been told it could be diet related so we switched to raw...nothing changed with his coat. We now cook his food for him and add different supplements to his meals. His condition is just getting worse and he doesn't react well to vet prescribed drugs. The vets suggested using a particular shampoo and washing him at least once a week. His coat gets very oily and has a pretty bad odour to it as well.

    Open to any suggestions here! Whether topical or supplements that can ease his symptoms. Any success stories would also be great to hear.
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  2. timmy59

    timmy59 Member

    1st off, I am NOT qualified to be offering any medical advice, look at vitamins that support the immune system, for people..
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  3. glen

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    Im in the uk we have the problem with our eldest cc, we were told it was pyaderma, now after the last flare up its actually environmental dermatitis, its very wet here, high pollen autumn ect, he had a very bad patch which hes been on a 15 day course of antibiotics, i dont like giving my dogs drugs unless i have to. We have got advise and we now use a chemixal free shampoo, that is actually used for horses, and also a spray that you mix up we spray a little on the spot and its soothed within 24 hours, we also give him anti histomine, when im home il let you know the products we use, the difference in him is amazing. We dont feed grain, and we feed raw also. I will post as soon as i get home
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  4. Boxergirl

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    My daughter has a dog like this. Apoquel and special baths are what help him the most, but he's still itchy. He's super stinky, poor boy. I feel awful for him. Without the Apoquel he's a complete mess.
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  5. SammytheMastiff

    SammytheMastiff New Member

    Hi Glen, appreciate your help here. We've been using chemical free shampoo as well but would love to hear about the brands you use if it has been working. Thank you!!!
  6. SammytheMastiff

    SammytheMastiff New Member

    Thanks for the response, we've never tried apoquel, any specific brand you recommend? Thanks for your suggestion!
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  7. glen

    glen Super Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry been very hectic,
    Aqueos, antibacterial horse shampoo, you have to wash this one off. Very good and fast acting.
    Kg wash and go pet shampoo, its a natural treatment for mange fleas ticks ect, i make this up in a spray bottle you can leave this on,
    Also we give diatomaceous earth food grade, Every other day now, so we use the shampoos on effected areas, the powder every day to start then when hes got better every other day.
    Our bet that has a cc herself as approved what we are doing, she can see the massive improvement in him, this time of yeaf irs normally on going, weve had no new outbeeaks for 5 weeks now, hope this helps,
  8. onyxbfly

    onyxbfly New Member

    Sorry to hear about your pups skin issues. I'm personally not a fan of Apoquel but as I understand it, some pups are miserable with out it. Along with running the gambit of dietary changes I found that Jax and Daisy all natural chemical free shampoo and lotion works wonders on my dogos skin issues. I also use a salmon oil supplement with his food. Hope your pup feels better soon.

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