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  1. wackiejackie2626

    wackiejackie2626 New Member

    I'm picking up my fawn EM in five weeks, so excited!! I'm naming him Heath Barkley :)
  2. BugattiAlva

    BugattiAlva New Member

    My DDB's name is Bugatti :) and sometimes we call him gotti for short
  3. fightnpuma

    fightnpuma New Member

    We pick up our male fawn EM on the 17th of November, His name is Capone
  4. rachieb00

    rachieb00 New Member

    My boy is called Bronson but I liked the name chilli too.took me ages to decide!
  5. Cur

    Cur Member

    Our 5 month old BM is dal Primo's Premier Black and Tan aka Guinness. He's a gorgeous brindle :)
  6. Jlemon

    Jlemon Member

    Bear and Nala
    421327_10151194092914887_80577737_n.jpg 486678_10151182682639887_834065094_n.jpg 557572_10151191081464887_1698614375_n.jpg
  7. cam

    cam New Member

    My big boys named Odin -norse god!!!
  8. Geisthexe

    Geisthexe Banned

    Conan the Weight Pulling Barbarian
    Xade is Gallic for Jade
    Anabis - Egyptian Jackal God of Dead
    Artemis - Greek Goddess of Hunt

    But I know not Mastiffs my Malinois are
    Babinga - name is a tree
    Aedh - Celtic word for Old Wise Man

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  9. Fatkid

    Fatkid New Member

    My bm name is Rufus, our female EM name is Maui, and our fila who passed away was named Tita,hawaiian or pigeon for big bit**. I've met too many mastiffs named brutus, diesel or tank. I always liked the name Snots from the movie Christmas Vacation.
  10. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

  11. LadyBey

    LadyBey New Member

    We have Medusa and Drago. Medusa came from a friend and she chose the name for her - but I loved it. Drago means "dragon" - my husband chose it.
  12. jellokatt

    jellokatt New Member

    ooohh.... love that one! Aslan, that is.
  13. jellokatt

    jellokatt New Member

    our EMs are cleo (for cleopatra) though i suggested boudica originally, and hannibal (after hannibal barca) though we toyed with the name brutus since we got him on march 15. kind of have an enemies of rome thing going here with the mastiff names...
  14. Bigdaddyjak

    Bigdaddyjak New Member

    Maximus ('Maxed Out' on his akc reg) - he's an EM

    Our previous EM was Angus.

    Apollo was our other option we considered when we got Max. Kids chose Max, because our other dog is a boxer named Ruby. (Kids show on Nick Jr - Max & Ruby)
  15. taraann81

    taraann81 New Member

    We have Sully(EM), Ruby and Mabel (BMs). I like meatball and altgough not listed the name "Beef" always makes me smile!
  16. gavone1976

    gavone1976 New Member

    Just put a deposit on Mostro,a cane corso pup.Can't wait to get him!!
  17. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    Bailey was pre-named and we chose to keep it. There were 15 puppies and many had liquor names. Cheers!
  18. oooooreallyfoo

    oooooreallyfoo New Member

    We went a little more easy going with "Ralphie."
  19. 2nd Chance

    2nd Chance New Member

    We got Thor, from a breakers yard, where he'd spent his first year chained, away from humans. As a guard dog. A very effective unsocialised guard dog.
    We removed his chains, fleas, ribs poking out and called him Brian, to signify that nowt thunderous would ever be asked of him again.
    He's a far better Brian, than Thor. As crap guard past barking at folks! lol
  20. jsarra

    jsarra New Member

    Our EM name is Hank :)

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