Kryten has Elbow Dysplasia

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Smokeycat, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    I thought that I would start a new thread for anyone else who may go thru this with their pet. I was completely unaware that there even was a group of disorders called elbow dysplasia (ED) until I started to do research last week about what could cause a clicking/crunching sound in a dog's elbow. There are 3 disorders covered by the title of ED: Ununited Anconeal Process (UAP), Fragmented Coronoid Process (FCP) and Osteochrondrosis (OCD). All 3 lead to Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) or more commonly called arthritis.

    Right now I only have a preliminary diagnosis of bilateral UAP and DJD. The x-rays have been sent to a radiologist since FCP and OCD are harder to diagnose.
    X-ray Left Elbow 042313.jpg X-rays Right Elbow 042313.jpg X-rays Elbows Dorsal view 042313.jpg
    The red arrows point to the UAP locations. The roughness of the bones is the DJD.

    I'm going to contact the specialist in Calgary tomorrow to find out where we go from here since UAP is only solved by surgery.
  2. AKBull

    AKBull Super Moderator Staff Member

    Aww damn.. I'm sorry to hear that, Smokey. :(
  3. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    Oh wow I'm so sorry! I'm glad you took him to the vet to see what was up. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you both.
  4. Rugers-Kris

    Rugers-Kris Active Member

    I am so sorry to hear that, smokey. Sending good thoughts to you both. Please keep us updated.

  5. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    Oh, I am sorry to hear this as well. But I am sure you'll be putting him in the best hands possible to deal with the issue...

    How old is he now?
  6. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Poor pup!
  7. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    He just turned 15 months.
  8. Sadies Mom

    Sadies Mom New Member

    Just out of curiosity....I know you have not been to the specialist yet, but you said surgery will "cure" ED. In the research you have done, what do they do? I am so sorry to hear this. He is so young :(
  9. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    There are 2 surgeries that I've been told of. Which one they do depends on the severity and location of the UAP and whatever else might be going on inside the joint. The first they remove the unattached section of bone. In the second they pin it back in place so that it can't move independently. Some of the statistics I've read say 90% see improvement but almost all develop DJD later, he already has that.
  10. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Elbow dysplasia (warning, very not pretty pictures)
    Thats the best set numbers I can find right at the moment, lots of articles, not alot of references....
  11. kbuchanan66

    kbuchanan66 New Member

    Aw man that is no good. I hope you guys find the best treatment for your boy.
  12. dujac

    dujac New Member

    what's his family history, testing & etc?
  13. voidecho

    voidecho New Member

    Poor Kryten. :(

    Sorry to hear this.
  14. cinnamon roll

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    I'm so sorry to hear that he will require surgery. My thoughts are with you both.

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  15. NeSaxena

    NeSaxena New Member

    Awwww... Kryten baby! Hope he gets better soon... Sending strength your way Smokey :)
  16. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    Hang in there. A lot of dogs do fine with ED. Big hugs and healing vibes. Ya'll will be in our positive thoughts.
  17. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Since joining this group I've come to realize that his breeder was a byb. I'd consider her a high end byb because she did some tests, hips were x-rayed but not evaluated by a socialist, but no genetic testing was done. I also saw the health records for both parents and 2 additional generations on the sires side. His dam was in a leg brace when I picked up Kryten but was told that she had hurt her leg playing with one of the other adult EMs. I've since lost touch with the lady so I can't ask about any know ED in his lines.
  18. mx5055

    mx5055 New Member

    So sorry to hear this. Sending good wishes to you and Kryten.
  19. trixie28

    trixie28 Member

    Poor guy :( so Sorry to hear this news,sending you both my best wishes and hope Kryten gets well soon:)
  20. Dakota Kid

    Dakota Kid Member

    Sorry to hear about Kryten :(

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