kill fleas with Pine Sol??????

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by Mamie2shoes, May 20, 2012.

  1. Mamie2shoes

    Mamie2shoes New Member

    ok everyone, please chime in and let me know your opinions. I have recently heard of killing fleas with a Pine Sol bath. I have also read how to do this and how to treat your house to keep fleas at bay. I know this sounds like a bad idea, but I have read many sites and it sounds like it may work. We live in Alabama, and did NOT have a winter. We had like 3 days where it got as cold as 40, then it was warmer all winter. So now our fleas are atrocious and in full swing. I also live in the country, so we are surrounded with woods. So before I bathe my EM and 2 cats in Pine Sol, I wanted to know if anyone has had this work for them and if anyone has had a problem with this before. Thanks for your help, here are a few links that talked about it
  2. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Heres the MSDS for PineSol: considering the warnings about skin irritation I'd seriously not recommend it. Plus its poisonous if they were to lick some residue off. Never mind the poor dog smelling like PineSol....the house maybe, but not the dogs, please.

    Have you looked into food grade Diotomatious Earth? Please get food grade though and not pool grade like the one site says...

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    Not to mention massively conflicting instructions as to the mix to use on the dog....MAYBE the 1 part PineSol to 16 parts water, but sure as h*ll not the one thats 1part water to 16parts PineSol....
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  3. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Not to mention massively conflicting instructions as to the mix to use on the dog....MAYBE the 1 part PineSol to 16 parts water, but sure as h*ll not the one thats 1part water to 16parts PineSol....

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    (still reading) plus the two that sound like they MIGHT have a clue (the ones with 16parts water) say not to use on small animals such as cats.
  4. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    (still reading) plus the two that sound like they MIGHT have a clue (the ones with 16parts water) say not to use on small animals such as cats.
  5. Smart_Family

    Smart_Family Dog Food Guru

    I really wouldn't risk it.
  6. Tunride

    Tunride New Member

    I use Pet Armor and The Diatomaceous earth can be put in one of the picnic type ketcup bottles and used along baseboards, door jams, etc. Sprinkle on rugs or carpet and work it down in. Sprinkle around yard and on plants. Watch plants that need bees, it will kill them but not worms. We have no fleas and had no winter here either. Ivory dish soap kills fleas and can be used on young pups (Yorkie puppies a life time ago, tip from vet). I would stay clear of Pine Sol.
  7. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    Never heard of that but I hear Dawn works pretty well too.
  8. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Justmake sure you get food grade DE, you might be able to find small containers at your local hippy health store or privately owned petstores.

    Forgot about Dawn, they use it on sea animals after oilspills, so it'd be safe.
  9. DDBsR4Me

    DDBsR4Me New Member

    I wouldn't put PineSol on my dog...I don't even like to clean with stuff like that because I don't want it on MY skin..let alone bathing my dog in it!

    I know some people use it to make flyspray for their horses, but I know I wouldn't use it on my 2 horses either.

    IMO there's much better stuff out there to used, be it natural or actual topical for dogs like K9 Advantix II.

    Right now I'm using an all natural product by Sargeants (?) I's made with essential oils. I'm in KS and we didn't really much of a winter either, but my boy hasn't had anything on him ....but I generally don't have much of a flea problem either. He doesn't spend much time outside...except to do his business.

    Just my 2 cents...but I'd say no way
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  10. Ursa

    Ursa New Member

    How are you liking the all natural product? I usually use Dawn and then treat with Frontline but my Pyr has pretty sensitive skin and I'm always nervous about using Frontline on her.

    btw - does anyone here use Captstar? My vet recommended it this year as we had no winter either.
  11. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Haven't tried it, currently using Vectra 3d which seems to be doing the job.
  12. DDBsR4Me

    DDBsR4Me New Member

    I got it wrong - it's actually by Sentry...called Natural Defense

    live on 10 acres and my biggest concern is far, by boy hasn't had any on him. I've been using this stuff since April. He has not had any fleas on him either. And I think it has a really nice smell - almost like cinnamon - it makes my whole house smell like it for several days - so just a heads up on that!

    I took him to my moms house with me one night not long after he got an application of it and she doesn't like the smell. Just something to keep in mind!
  13. bonesnsasha

    bonesnsasha New Member

    Has anyone tried those SHOO! tags? I was just curious if they worked we live in town so usually fleas and ticks aren't a huge huge deal but at my parents it's horrible to try to keep them away.
  14. Oak Hill Farm

    Oak Hill Farm New Member

    You are better off to use DE or natural oils to keep them off, Healthier for the dog. I have not tried Shoo tags, but they seem like a far stretch to actually work and the reviews online are horrible.

    PLEASE don't put pine-sol on your dog. from the label:
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    [TD="class: headertext, width: 160"]Warnings:[/TD]
    [TD="class: bodytext, width: 430"]From Label: Warning: Eye irritant. Do not get in eyes. For sensitive skin or prolonged use wear rubber gloves. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Physical or Chemical Hazards: Hazardous to Humans and Domestic Animals. Do not use or mix with household cleaners. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame.[/TD]
  15. we have never tried pine sol before, but we do know that Lemon Dawn and Citris Dawn kills fleas. Citrus kills fleas in general
  16. Mamie2shoes

    Mamie2shoes New Member

    well I didn't use Pine Sol on the dogs, just the entire house though. Every window, floor, and baseboard has a good coating every other day. I am also vacuuming every other to every day. And I bathe the dogs (my momma's dog is with us for the summer) every Sunday rotating Dawn one weekend and flea shampoo the next. I am even bathing the cats once a month.:scared2: The dogs are on Frontline and the cats on Revolution. All of this I fear is in vain.:mad: We are over run with damn fleas!!!! I bathed Mamie yesterday and when I went to pet her belly today, ugh, they were there, everywhere. My girls stay inside due to the heat. They go out, do their business, and come right back in. This is going to be an awful summer. The heat is already so bad. I understand wanting to go natural on products, I standardly use all natural products where I can, but this may get a full blown synthetic, man made biohazard killing stuff. I have 2 kids that can't shut doors, 2 dogs and 2 cats, all in the country. Ugh, life is great. Thanks for all of the help ya'll, keep ideas coming.
  17. Tailcreek

    Tailcreek New Member

    Pine Sol is TOXIC! If it can kills fleas on contact what kind of an effect do you think it has on your pets and the humans for that matter?

    Products containing the word "sol" as in Pine-sol or Lysol contain a substance know as phenol, which is a strong neurotoxin. The vapors are corrosive to the eyes and respiratory tract, contact with the skin can cause dermatitis or chemical burns. The central nervious system can be affected. Long term or repeated exposure has harmful effects on the liver and kidneys.

    Animals who are healthy naturally repel fleas, ticks and parasites. These critters can only multiply when they have found weak hosts. Animals that have a high toxic load, eat highly processed food that is not species appropriate who are given drugs all the time for a variety of things are not going to be healthy!

    Creating good health in our animals by feeding a natural raw diet, not exposing them to harsh chemicals that they have to try and eliminate from their bodies, providing plenty of fresh air, exercise and clean water are the basics of getting our pets healthier.

  18. Mamie2shoes

    Mamie2shoes New Member

    thanks tailcreek, I too agree with keeping the animals as healthy as possible. We are not able to feed raw do to a few reasons unfortunately, we tried, but we are feeding a great quality kibble that is really working for us. Part of our flea issue is that we get fresh air a plenty in the country and the dogs romp free in the country woods and find every single flea out there I swear. I am checking daily for ticks and none yet. We didn't have this issue last year with the cats. But this year they are struggling too. We hardly feed them as they are self feeding on critters daily from squirrels, to birds, to moles and lizards. We only had like a total of 3 cold days this winter, I know we never even had a freeze warning this past winter. Not one:( Our vet warned us and he was right. Our whole neighborhood is fighting them. As far as weak hosts, my fur babies are all in fabulous health. Well, Mamie just had surgery a month ago, but that being said, the meds only lasted a week. The only meds are frontline and heartguard for dogs, revolution for cats.
  19. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    's'ok Mamie, I've the opposite problem, ticks galore, but no fleas (yet......). We did get a few days of freeze here, but not like normal, heck we had weather in the 80's in Febuary....and my two are raw fed, so its certinally not the end all fix.
  20. Mamie2shoes

    Mamie2shoes New Member

    thanks ruthcatrin!! The ticks are here, we just are not hit yet. Well, I did find one on my sister. ew!! And I have never met a flea who said" no thanks, too healthy" We are thinking about getting chickens. Apparently they eat the little buggers, ticks too. And hey, fresh eggs to boot.

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