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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by angelbears, Jan 18, 2016.

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    Great response! I just sent an email to yours. I'll see what I can do to match it up.
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    I know that some molds are very toxic. You mentioned a rotting potato looking thing? I wonder if it may have had something to do with it? I read or watched on a show about the Katrina dogs eating anything they could...moldy yuck and many getting really sick and dying. Good idea to clean your yard/fence line. Again...tickled that Justice is good!
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    I've been checking several lists recently since we are going to be moving to the 3 acres soon and I wanted to make sure nothing that is already there could hurt them and that as I decide what to plant I don't choose something that will. The ASPCA list is the best I've seen yet and it allows you to search for specific plants in the site. Wish I could be more help but I don't have any experience and I've just begun research myself.

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    YES, that is the site that I found and led me to believe it is a strong suspect in Justice's episode. Tricap was so kind to look at some pictures I took of the offending bulb and she thinks they are old potatoes. I hate that Justice had to go through this but this is the best scenario.

    Please everyone take another look at your yards and places you walk your dogs. These potatoes where placed out there 15 years ago. Why they surfaced, I have no clue but they did. Justice is on leash every time he goes out. He did not eat one, I strongly believe that he inhaled some of the mold spores. His nose is always to the ground. When we got Cane we went through the yard and checked every thing out there. There were no vines connected to them. After 15 years somehow they became uncovered.
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    Animal Poison Control | ASPCA

    I agree ASPCA has the best and easiest to use resource for determining what is safe to have around the house and yard for our pets. It isn't always easy to tell what a plant is and this site has pictures instead of just names. Also saying has an 800 number for questions since it seems things like this never happen during the vets normal hours.

    The issue with potatoes is due to their glycoalkaloid content. Glycoalkaloids, are nerve toxins, develop only in the stems, shoots and green parts of the skin or old tubers. White potatoes should always be stored in the dark since glycoalkaloids can also become an issue in potato skin that’s been subjected to excessive or prolonged exposure to light. The stems, shoots and green parts of potatoes should not be consumed by people or animals and should be removed before serving. The pictures AB sent me were of old potatoes that had sprouted but not decomposed completely afterwards. So glad Justice didn't eat them!!

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