How to handle aggressive puppy biting

Discussion in 'Presa Canario' started by jmbass63, Jun 27, 2020.

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    I have a presa pup that is 14 weeks old. Normally she is very calm and loving, but she has times where she play bites and it gets really aggressive. We exercise daily and lots of chew toys but she still perfers to bite us. How can I deter this behavior.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum. I see you also have little aligator mouth :) correct her and redirect her every time and have a lot of patience and she will grow it out especially when her real teeth get out.
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    What a cutie! We have a 5 month old Boerboel and went through the same thing. My arms had so many scrape marks from her razor teeth. We constantly had a toy on hand and redirected her with a treat and a command (sit) during those more aggressive play times. Our pups canines are almost all the way in and the habit is disappearing more each day. She has “soft mouth” now during play. Your presa should outgrow it.

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    Puppies can be confusing, lol. It's extremely rare to have true aggression in a puppy. It's almost always due to overstimulation and it's normal. Puppies have to learn human rules and we have to help them. As Kingmark said, be patient. Redirect. Try to stop play and redirect before she gets overstimulated. Work on bite inhibition. Bite inhibition is teaching your dog to control their bite force - to have a soft mouth. Dogs are dogs and in the *right* circumstances every dog will bite. If that does happen, a dog that has bite inhibition will be able to control the force of that bite. I worked on that with my Al E. Gator because he was a singleton and came to me very young. He had zero manners and was very rough and my husband insisted on playing rough with him. Al would play by banging his teeth but he never once used any force or bit down. Please don't play with your dog like that. It's a terrible idea. Unfortunately I couldn't stop my husband and I worked on the dog, who was more receptive to learning. Kind of joking. Kind of not. Here's a link on positively working on bite inhibition. I hope it helps. Your girl is adorable. Please post more pictures as she grows.
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  5. My bullmastiff went through the same thing. He was a troublemaker. Play biting was really bad and his teeth were sharp. Redirecting and corrections helped a little bit, but never solved it. Thankfully, he's 6 months old now and has finally outgrown it! Be patient.
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