HOW long should she bleed (in a heat cycle) or have we crossed into UTI??

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by sgsmith318, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Our Bindi started her first heat last month at age 13 months. She showed normal blood spotting on January 9th. She swelled to the point of o.m.g.--whoa; then had some red dripping here and there, but not really bad, we just covered her beds with old towels and that was enough. Lots of laundry though...She did clean herself very well the whole time, thank goodness.All throughout, she did have what seemed like urinary incontinence as the swelling increased, and had to pee about every 1.5 hour (instead of every 6), which I learned quickly, but not before she'd pee'd in her bed several mornings as soon as she stood up. And in the entryway. And in the kitchen. And on her $400 Big Barker Bed. And on the steps out to the garage, and the garage floor. And so on.... *eye roll* It got where I had to wake up and literally hit the door running with her to get her outside fast enough to pee.During the peak of her heat, she would squat and pee, then go a little further and squat, and repeat, but with nothing really coming out but blood drops on the later squats. I figured it had to do with the swelling and pressure, and that it was normal. I set the clock for 21 days out and waited...and waited...It's Feb 22, so it's WAY past the 3 week mark, or even the 4 week mark, and she's still doing it. She is back to her more usual schedule (not peeing every 1.5 hour), and the swelling has long since gone down, but her urine definitely has a stronger (more concentrated?) smell to it, and it still turns to straight red towards the end of her pee-ing, then turns to bright red/thick blood and/or almost a mucousy material. (sorry, gross, but ?) And she's still re-squatting multiple times whenever she's outside, which she never did before.Am I nuts or is this alarming? Her diet is normal, her stools are normal, weight is normal, activity is normal, attitude is normal. She has free choice fresh water from the time she wakes up in the morning all day, til about 7 pm, every day and she drinks the same amount of water as ever. I'm starting to worry about how much red I'm still seeing, after this much time, and the fact that it is not decreasing. January 9th was 6 weeks ago...Thanks for any advice! (ps she scheduled for spaying asap, so we won't be doing this again).
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    whoa. All my nice paragraphs disappeared when I hit "submit"? sorry!
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    if you been seeing blood since January 9th , I know that's not normal for my dogs .........i'd take mine in
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    My Doberman bled from 12/20 to 1/15 during her last heat, which is typical for her. While she likes to pee more, she usually doesn't have to. This last heat we did have some leaking, so we took her to the vet and it ended up that she had a UTI, which she got antibiotics for. If she was my dog, I would take her to the vet and bring a urine sample.
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    Thanks guys, I'm calling them today.
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    I agree...sounds like a UTI to me. I thought one of my pups was just being a PITA about house breaking but turned out she had a UTI and once we got that under control she trained very quickly.
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    Zoey had 3 uti's from about 4 months til about 6 months. Vet recommended clavimox 2 times for 14 days each. All it did was stop the uti effects but with in 4 days of her being off it, she was back to peeing every 30 minutes.

    Finally put her on SMZ'S for 2 weeks and it never came back.

    We're away on vacation coming home tomorrow and I just got a text from the breeder who Zoey stays with when we're away, she notified me that Zoey is in heat. I'm so nervous, I've never had a dog in heat and don't know what to expect. I take her to work with me everyday and I hope her personality does not change during her cycle.

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    What is SMZ'S? Ivy has been having UTIs and we can't seem to get rid of it. She is currently on her third round of antibiotics.

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    I have her on a holistic blend right now for it, started last night (because I'm not a fan of antibiotics). Will update if it helps.
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    antibiotics extended life expectancy by 10yrs when penicillin was all there was ....... it reduced the number of people dying from infections by like 66% , they're one of the greatest medical discoveries ever ............ misuse may be an issue , but without antibiotics i'd have been dead long ago as would have a bunch of my dogs , pups and pets .........

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