How did You Puppy Behave?

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Vantage, Mar 20, 2017.

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    For those of you that have a Cane Corso, how would you describe your puppies behaviour, and did it change as he/she got older?

    What I mean, for example is, if you have a Labrador puppy, it will play and be energetic, but after a while he will tire himself out and rest. However I find when Labradors becomes adults 2-3-4-years old, they tend to mellow down quite bit compared to when they were puppies.

    My cousin just bought a Yorkie-Cockerspaniel and this guy will not stop to breathe for even a second - he can run and play for 2-3 hours, and he still will be a ball of energy afterwards.
    Otherwise he is awesome, he is playful, and runs around, he likes attention, he is easy to train (I crate trained and house trained him for them.)

    So what I am asking is how your puppy acted when he/she was small, and how they changed (or did not change?) as he/she grew older. (I know different factors like temperament and environment play a role, but just generally speaking.)
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    Not sure if you're refering to a Corso pup, or the Yorkie/Cocker pup(?)
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    A Corso of course! :) The YorkieX was just my comparison, taking care of him was like watching the energizer bunny. What I wanted to know was how your Cane Corso puppies behave in comparison? (Were they super hyper/active? Or did they play for a few hours and sleep for a few?, Were they little troublemakers, or really mellow, etc.)
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    My Kahlua is only 1/4 Cane Corso but she is fairly mellow for a puppy. She certainly has her zoomy play time each day where she loves to run around but once she is done playing she is great at just sitting and snuggling with me while I work, or watch tv or read. She is still under a year old. I can tell you though that she hates to be alone. She is great at being settled and calm as long as she is by my side.
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  6. Enzo just turned 2.. I would say as a puppy he had his playful moments but like previous poster wrote when he was done he would pass out cold for a while.. I think each dog depending on temperament can behave differently of course. Enzo now at two has his moments where we needs to let it all out or wants to play fetch ( anything to let him run crazy) for a good 10 min and then he's done. He would rather be by your side or cuddling. However when he is with other dogs then skys the limit on crazy fun play time but then even at that he would be wiped for most of the day after that. My bff and I have corso's a yr apart so they play very well together and we plan a lot of walks and play times with them. One thing I just love is that he's not a barker.. If he barks it's because there is a reason. I hate yappy lol
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    That's what I love about Corsos (Corsi?), the affection they want from you. I really do miss that...... when they come and lay on your feet/legs, or in the middle of your bed and you try to yank your blanket out from under them, to no avail. <3 Cuties.

    I had debated a long time over what the ideal breed would be for me. It was either a Corso or a Husky, but I read a Husky isn't much of a cuddly type of dog aha. I also did not want a Malinois, GSD, or Border Collie type breed, those guys are a bit to active for me, but great breeds generally speaking.

    My cousins Yorkshire-Cockerspaniel was a handful though, I don't remember my Yorkie being anywhere nearly as hyper as their boy.
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    Our puppy is exactly as you described here. He is 23 weeks old.

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