How big was your puppy?

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Abby&Fiona, May 22, 2011.

  1. BLindsey87

    BLindsey87 New Member

    My tinkerbell is 8weeks and almost 17lbs. We got her through a women who found mom and pups in a dumpster. I never seen mom, she found a home before I picked Tink up. At the vet last week the dr says he is positive she is a bullmastiff. I am lucky to have found this forum, and I have quite a bit if pictures on my profile of Tink and her brother and sisters (only 4 pups survived, I'm not sure how many there was though.) let me know what you all think she looks like.. I'm curious if the vet was right, she looks like it to me too from pics I've seen, but I just don't know! image.jpg
  2. BLindsey87

    BLindsey87 New Member

    This is Tink, the other pic is her bro and sis. This is almost 8wks.
  3. BLindsey87

    BLindsey87 New Member

    image.jpg image.jpg
    First pic is at almost 7wks (the day I got her) 2nd was tonight at 8 weeks :)
  4. jcook

    jcook New Member

    Stella was 7.5 weeks and 15lbs.

    photo copy 8.jpg first night they met photo copy 7.jpg the next day
  5. VentiandMe

    VentiandMe New Member

    Found this pic of my little ham when he was about ~11 weeks...maybe just a day or two after we came home with him. My own hair was a little unruly that day. :D
    He was about 25-27 lbs I think.

  6. BLindsey87

    BLindsey87 New Member

    Aww!! Venti is adorable!!
  7. Emmett_Ronan

    Emmett_Ronan New Member

    How much does Venti weigh now?
    Riggs (EM) is 7 months and about 114 lbs (it's hard to tell though, as he tends to sit on the scale but lean on the wall)
  8. VentiandMe

    VentiandMe New Member

    Venti just turned 7 months and a little over two weeks ago weighed 110 lb, so I figure about the same as Riggs (cool name btw :D). I'll try to get a picture now of us in the same will be funny. haha :)

    Thanks for the nice comment Blindsey87!!
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  9. Abby&Fiona

    Abby&Fiona New Member

    Haha yeah!! Reactivated thread for sure! Haha
    Fiona is now almost 2 yrs and floats between 80-85# she is not mastiff. We determined/decided she is amstaff/retriever. :)
  10. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    OMG where have you been girl!
  11. Lynette la mere

    Lynette la mere New Member

    image.jpg Arthur is a cane corso 6 month old he's 90# and a very well behaved boy. Just beginning to lift his leg. I'm trying to decide when to neuter him...he lives a very social life and I don't want an overly aggressive guy - that said I want him to grow well...what's your advice?
  12. mimismom730

    mimismom730 New Member

    My pup (EM) is 13 weeks and weighs 29 pounds...she was the runt of the litter
  13. jcook

    jcook New Member

    I wouldn't neuter, at least not until 2.
  14. Mojo

    Mojo New Member

    Very nice pup....maybe a little ddb in her? My CC is 8 weeks and about 8lbs, his littemates are 12-14lbs.
  15. BLindsey87

    BLindsey87 New Member

    Just weighed Tinkerbell today, she will be 9 weeks tomorrow and is 17.4 pounds! :-D
  16. BLindsey87

    BLindsey87 New Member

    Tink and Grandma in the car lol
  17. TanayaC

    TanayaC New Member

    My puppy was 20 pounds at 8 weeks. She is now 8 months old, but last month she was 80 pounds. She has been gaining about 10 pounds each month. We aren't exactly sure which type of mastiff she is, but I am pretty sure she is an English. She was given to the Animal Rescue League by a girl who could not afford vet care for her, but she was very sick at 4 weeks old. The ARL had her for a month, the girl never came to get her and would not return their calls so they put her up for adoption. Just a few hours after them putting her available I saw her and instantly fell in love. She is the best dog ever. She LOVES to cuddle the kids (although at times I am scared she will squish them to death lol), and she does not care what the kids do, lay on her, use her as a pillow, waller all over her, she loves it all! Mastiffs are the best breed ever! In the pictures below she is 7 months on my husband's lap, 8 weeks by herself on the couch, and 6 months on my daughter. I don't have pictures from this month yet...
    Bella and Matt.jpg Bella 8 weeks.jpg Lexi and Bella.jpg
  18. TanayaC

    TanayaC New Member

    I don't think Tink is purebred...most mastiffs have a very solid black mask and no stripe down their spine. She is really cute though! I think she is mixed with something.
  19. TWW

    TWW Well-Known Member

    Someone on here has a Presa mix that looks a lot like your pup.
  20. AussieGirl

    AussieGirl New Member

    My EM is 7 weeks now and 7kg (15.5 lbs)

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