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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by kojo, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. kojo

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    Kojo got another one which was just a spot like them two red spots you can see but licked it and now it looks like the big one and I have fallen out with vets. What did you say to use ? Someone said I might need an antibiotic for them ? The two pink spots will go the same soon if he licks them I just hope there nothing to worry about.

    Two pictures below one picture is with one on and that was took last month. the picture is now but he gets a pink spot like the two you can see then it turns a black and red colour.

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  2. marke

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    you might try lotrimin , if it doesn't improve quickly , try gentamicin ……… or use both simultaneously ………...
  3. kojo

    kojo Member

    So do you think they are hot spots ?
  4. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    I think hot spot is a generic term , I would first guess it's either a fungal or bacterial infection possibly both , which would make it a "hot spot"……. lotrimin would work on a fungal infection and gentamicin on a bacterial …… I would guess one of them would work , if not i'd see a vet , it's obviously something …...
  5. Boxergirl

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    Ella gets those when she's having an allergic reaction to something. Antibiotics do work and I've used them when she gets really bad areas under her front legs - the armpits, lol, but I try to give as few antibiotics as possible. For over the counter, what worked the best was Nu-Stock, but it's a nasty sulfur based yellow paste and anything it touches (and it gets on everything) is pretty much ruined. I've also used silver ointment, bag balm, sulfodene, and malaket wipes. All help. I would think Marke's suggestions would work as well.
  6. kojo

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    One of them was just a pink spot like the ones you can see then he licked it and it changed and now looks like the big one but not as big. Will get in him in th vets but i have fallen out with 3 because they are useless down here.
  7. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    It does look like a hot spot to me.
    I have an oil I call my magic skin oil... but you'd have to keep the pup from licking it (not that the oil is harmful, but the area needs to dry).

    Magic Skin Oil:
    1 oz rose hip oil (good for the skin all by itself)
    10 drops Frankincense essential oil (it's the expensive one)
    20 drops Myrrh essential oil
    20 drops Turmeric essential oil

    I've used it on myself and healed all sorts of scrapes, lumps and bumps... it shrunk one of Denna's skin lumps, and made another one disappear.
    I'm sold on it, but your-mileage-may-vary. :)
  8. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Denna's Mom, frankincense is a wonderful oil. If this is something you make yourself, take a look at Helichrysum.

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