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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Zombiefallout, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Zombiefallout

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    IMG_1437.JPG IMG_1367.JPG We got our little guy at 9 weeks, he's now 11 weeks. He has been sleeping through the night in his crate for the last week and then last night he woke panting. I opened our bedroom door after taking him potty and he seemed fine for the rest of the night. During the day and evening he wants to lay with us but seems so uncomfortable and hot and goes back and forth between the tile and our couch to be with us. I feel so bad and want to make him comfortable. Is there some sort of cooling mat you can recommend for his crate and to put on couch with us! We don't live in a hot climate and my bulldog that is very heat sensitive has not had any issues. Temps have been in the high 40's low 50's during the day and the high 30's at night. Our heat is set at 55 and occasionally 60.
  2. Hector

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    Try a floor fan. I have dogs that get hot too.
  3. sjdavenport

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    My guy loves his cooling mats. I don't remember any brand names, but we've had several different brands, and they all seem pretty comparable.

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  4. NYDDB

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  5. Zombiefallout

    Zombiefallout New Member

    Thanks! I'll definitely be getting one of those pads.
  6. kingmark

    kingmark Active Member

    My advice would be to go visit the vet to figure out why is he overheating at that young age.
  7. MastiffMillie

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    How about a coolaroo bed that I have been recommended on this board? I'm about to purchase one I think; from what I have read they are designed to keep the dog cool as not retaining body heat.

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  8. Zombiefallout

    Zombiefallout New Member

    I actually have one of these for my lab in our bedroom. She loves it! I'll eventually get one for him when he's not sleeping in his crate at night. He's not really overheating just seems uncomfortably hot and only panted that one night. I have a fuzzy mat in there and blankets so I removed the blankets and that helped. He just seems to get upset because he wants to lay with us on the couch but the couch is big and cushy with blankets on it to help cut down on fur and tends to get warm so he goes back to the tile to lay for a bit and then back to the couch. I was hoping to get something to put on couch so he can lay comfortably next to us. I think a cooling mat will help if he will lay on it.
  9. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I have the same cooling mats as sjdavenport. Our house doesn't have ac and fans just don't always cut it in the heat of summer. The cooling mats are great. When the dogs aren't using them sometimes we use them ourselves!
  10. TWW

    TWW Active Member

    It is most likely a comfort thing.
    At the age your pup is at they growing at such a high rate, a lot of times they will rotate where they think it will feel better to lay and sleep.
  11. DennasMom

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    Denna will pant if it's over 68F (we heat the house to 67F).

    I imagine in a crate it can get warm if there's not enough air movement. A small fan to blow fresh air into the crate would probably help.
    Denna also gets hot curled up near her people, and will opt for the floor when she gets too warm. We try not to take it personally. HA!

    You keep your house at 55-60F? Brrr! :)

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