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    You said before that she likes people, so she probably doesn't have an irrational fear of them. She is just being alert. A fearful dog cowers when people approach. This breed is not supposed to be instant friends with everyone, not like a lab or a golden. They are supposed to be reserved. Mine did this at a young age too. He goes out when there is lightning and thunder, he goes out when there are fireworks, he followed me into the water his first time at the beach, and he approaches dogs bigger than him at the dog park and hangs out with them. He barks when the neighbor next to me walks his dog, but when the neighbor comes up to the fence to pet him, he wags his tail and licks his hand because he knows him and likes him. He is not afraid of either of them. He probably just barks in excitement. I would just call it alertness.

    You can count your blessings because she will continue to be a good watchdog. Other Bullmastiffs don't display this until later, and some never display it at all. You don't have to train her to be a watchdog. Just continue to socialize her so she can properly judge situations.
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    I also want to mention, fear is not all bad. It helps keep us alive. If I had to say which dog was more fearless, my Bullmastiff I have now or the American Bulldog I had years ago, I'd say my American Bulldog was more fearless for sure. I don't think I ever saw him run from anything, and he caught wild hogs 3 times his size. Then again, he never considered anyone a threat, so he was a terrible watchdog. I think a dog needs a certain amount of fear to know he should alert you of something. I know my BM has some fear in him, but I think it's a healthy fear and I definitely don't think of him as a coward among dogs.
  3. I have a cane corso, a rather jumpy boy of 2, and I just cant state enough how going to training every weekend is just such a positive thing. I use a clicker to teach new behaviors, and he knows when I say Yes, hes doing what I ask. During hard lockdown we obviously didn't get much socializing in, and he started lunging at other dogs and was more nervous around strangers than he was before lockdown. I went back to training (I signed up for a 7 week scent course, and then started field trials) and I just cant Express the difference,, we also love training..

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