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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Boxergirl, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. Boxergirl

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    I posted the quality of life scale on another post, but I thought I'd start a new one in case the link gets missed in the other post. How many times have you asked yourself, or have others ask you, how to know when it's time to let your best friend go. Usually the answer is that you'll "just know." I don't think that's true. Unless the situation is clearly black and white, I think we all second guess ourselves and wonder if we did the right thing - either by doing it too soon or by waiting too long. I found these articles very helpful. Guys be warned - the first article has some lady talk that doesn't really have anything to do with euthanasia. Just ignore it. The links at the bottom are really good. I hope these help someone at a time when it's very hard to think straight and make such a painful decision.

    Quality of life scale:
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  2. umit

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    So sad to see them still wagging tails on the way to....
    As a calculation both our 7 year old cat,4 years old retriever,and 5 months old corso will be on critical ages at the same time:(
    Wish they live happily till then.
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  3. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    I would much rather have them wagging their tails on their last journey, than being unable to. I've had it both ways and I firmly believe that one day too soon is always better than one day too late. It does tend to make you question your decision when they're still wagging though.

    My three dogs are close in age. The boxer boys are going to be 9 and 7. Ella, the EM, just turned 6 this month. I knew that I would probably lose them all close together. I don't look forward to any of that.
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  4. Michele

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    My boy is 16 years old now. He'll be 17 in August. He just had oral surgery and has only 4 teeth left. While he has slowed down a lot, he still has a good quality of life. He eats good, he goes for walks, he plays with his toys. BUT he has arthritis in his spine and only 4 teeth. I have him on meds for the arthritis and he seems to be doing good. As long as he is still eating, walking and out of pain, to me, he still has that quality of life.
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    Boxergirl, thank you for this information....I agree with you....I've also had it both latest was Miss kitty....I'm grateful she was purring in her last minutes....curled up on the table enjoying a ear rub from me.....I think she was also senile ....I think she thought she was at home.....I took one of her favourite blankets....I do believe that is why she was purring. umit, I hope they all live a happy life

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