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    Last year I was attacked and my ex bought me a Presa and had it sent to me. I knew at the time that I am not the type of owner that this dog needs for I am not dominant when it comes to my animals and expressed that but was told that she would not be aggressive as long as she was treated well and she has. She has always been food aggressive but she is now 18 months old and is starting to challenge me on things such as when I want to go to bed and she is laying on my cover, she will growl and act like she is going to bite me if I try and move her. She is such a sweetheart, loves to cuddle, gets along with every animal, person but she has a few quirks. I have been told by the human societies that they would just end up putting her down because of her food aggression and I don't want that to happen.

    Does anyone know of any organizations out here or around NY that would invest time and training into her? I don't want her to end up in an abusive situation, used for breeding or a guard dog. She is not a guard dog and welcomes anyone into our house, she acts like it is the most amazing experience whenever she meets someone new. That is what makes her so dangerous I guess for she is incredibly sweet and cuddly and you would not expect her to turn on you.

    I am trying to fix this situation before anything bad happens to anyone or to her. She is worth investing in for the right person but that person isn't me. I don't have a dominant bone in my body when it comes to my animals. Thank you for your time and thank you for any information you can give to me.

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    First I want to welcome you and say that I'm sorry that it's this issue that has brought you to the forum. This is not a dominance issue. It's resource guarding. I'm going to give you a link that explains resource guarding more and gives some very good suggestions for working on the problem.

    I do, however, understand that you feel unequipped to deal with this. So, with that being said, what do you want to do? Are you looking to relinquish her? If she was sold on a contract then it's likely that she must be returned to them.
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    Thank you for the information, I will read up on it now. I cannot return her where she came from for I have no way of getting in contact with them. I am looking to re-home her but it has to be a good home, with good intentions. I will not just surrender her and wash my hands of her. Regardless of the situation, it is my responsibility to find the best possible solution for her so that is why I was hoping I could find a Presa rescue group that understands her and her breed. Thanks again!! :)
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    I understand completely. Unfortunately I'm having a difficult time finding a breed specific rescue. My suggestion, until someone with more knowledge of the breed comes along, would be to contact the parent club or a responsible Presa breeder in your area. A responsible breeder should also, in my opinion, be knowledgeable about rescue. Most of my personal requirements for a responsible breeder are listed here, although I do have a few other more minor things that I like to see which aren't vitally important for your situation. You would definitely want to make sure the breeder was responsible and not just a back yard breeder.

    Are you at all interested in working with a behaviorist and trainer on the guarding behavior and keeping her? If so, maybe someone has first hand experience with a trainer in your area.
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    Dang. Sorry you were put in this situation. I'm glad you're being proactive and looking out for the best interests of that beautiful pup, though!

    Boxergirl always has great information to share - hopefully you'll find some of it useful.

    Let me put a different spin on the whole "dominance" concept... you do NOT need to "dominate" your dog. You do not need to have a "dominant bone" in your body to have a good relationship with your dog, even if she is a Presa. :)

    What you need is mutual respect.
    ...and the ability to out-stubborn your dog.

    If that's something you think you could work towards, it's well worth finding a good trainer and/or behaviorist to help you find some good exercises to do with your dog and build that respect.
    18 months is an age where these mastiff types like to "test the limits" (such as the whole 'fight' to stay on the bed)... so it can be trying for even experienced Presa people... but if you think you can tackle the work, the rewards can be well worth it.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    I have had to rehome a dog myself, so I know the heartache, self-doubt, and massive guilt trips that you can put on yourself (I definitely did that to myself). Rehoming was absolutely the best thing for our dog, so I'm not against it, at all. Just wanted to let you know there is help here - and hopefully some recommendations for local support - if you want it.

    Hopefully some members here will have some local groups to help you and your puppy.
    Please keep us posted!
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    I agree 100% with Denna's Mom about the need to dominate or be dominant, as well as everything else she said. I would go one step further and say that if you do contact a trainer/behaviorist and they tell you that you need to dominate or that your dog is trying to dominate you I'd run in the other direction. Just my opinion.
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    Boxergirl, DennasMom and Michele all have excellent advice. If you do wish to work on training so you can keep her I have to second Michele's recommendation of using NILIF (nothing in life is free). My dogs don't get to eat or do anything fun without first doing something for me ,it can be as simple as doing a sit or when I have more time I may make them go through several commands before allowing them to have whatever it is they want (be it their meal, a toy, going outside, crossing a threshold etc.)
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    Thank you everybody for your input and suggestions, I received a lot of good information. I did reach out to a dog trainer who I am going to go meet next week so fingers crossed she will have some great techniques and I will be able to get a better understanding of my girl. Thanks again everyone!
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  10. Michele

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    Keep us updated....
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    yes please do keep us updated.... my heart goes out to you and your gal, if I thought I would make it work i would offer to take her , purchase her. It's just not the right time to take another ' stubborn pooch" my husband would never survive it both my dogs know he is a push over and use it to their advantage.
    We are all here to help as best we can. If your not afraid of her. Then there is a chance of you 2 finding a way to live together in harmony. If you are afraid of her, then I do suggest rehoming her.
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