Help for Thor......

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    Im the admin at GoPitbull and I have a huge favor to ask! 1 of my staff members aquired a puppy with a defective heart. we are trying to help her out with a donation drive. I know the times are tight but I am inclined to do what ever I can to help out. Purple has blessed me with the opportunity to cross post this here with a donation link. I will post some pics of the little dude a little later

    Help For Thor......
    We adopted this super sweet puppy on Saturday June 6 2009. We got him on a neuter contract because he had an overbite and a kink in his tail. Got him home and he is such a perfect little guy. On Sunday we took him to the vet for his first visit and some shots. Well the vet found that he had a Class 5 heart murmur. My daughter and I just started crying. The vet said he would need an ultrasound done by a specialist and there's a 90% chance the murmur will require heart surgery. We are going to keep him seeing as if he had a choice I don't believe he would give up on us. Our family is going to do anything we can for him but we do need some help.

    My family and I send thanks to everyone who has/will donate. For that reason I would love it if everyone would send me their address. My daughter wants to make her own thank you cards and mail them off.

    Thank you!

    Please Help Thor

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    i will try to raise money here for the puppy at Petsmart
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    Update On Thor....
    Well I am sad to say that Thors heart problems are fatal. They can not operate because they say the issues will just return.

    After the echocardiogram the found that he has three issues with his heart. The first and the worst of the three sub aortic stenosis. The other two she said would not be that bad alone but all three at once is not good. They have put him on Atenolol for the rest of his life. They told us he could have one more day or 5 years. But they said he would not live to be an old age. When he does go she said it will be sudden.

    They would like for us to do one or two more echocardiogram in a few months to see how fast it is progressing.

    But for now we will just try to keep him as happy as we can......
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    My heart goes out to Thor and his family, Redog. That's hard, but for however long he has, he will be loved, and that is all to a dog.
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    sorry to take so long posting thors pic. you can tell hes feeling better. the meds are deffinately helping.

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    Oh . . . he looks like a little boy version of my Tallulah . . . too sweet.
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    Poor baby. :(

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