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    • [Today at 5:36 AM] William Brady: My mastiff of 14 months has very sore bleeding muzzle have tried everything including antibiotis from vet anyone got any ideas
    • [Today at 3:56 AM] William Brady: My mastiff has very muzzle with little polops and bleeding have tried various things his feet are sore too
    Hi William, as noted by Boxergirl in the "Shoutbox", we rarely respond to posts there, we ask our new members to post in the various forums on the site.

    I have copied your post to the Health and Nutrition Forum, and I hope the members jump on and respond. You have a serious issue, and I am personally unfamiliar with it; however, I do have a few questions: What type of bowls does your dog use? Are they plastic? Many members have noted in the past that their dogs have what look like pimples form, and the situation is eased or cured by switching to metal/ceramic bowls.

    Additionally, what type of food are you feeding your dog? As a generality, Mastiffs have trouble with chicken...even mine, if I overdo it...which I sometimes do. One of my grand puppies can only eat fish based proteins. So, start with the dishes, then the food...speak to your vet about other possibilities, but, in general, avoid cheap dog foods. Look into Acana or Orijen...you can get both in trial sized packages. There are others that would address sensitive stomachs or allergies. Generally, I suggest that people take the time to check out the Dogfoodadvisor.com, it is a good first step to understanding just how complicated dog food can really be. Most of that website is free, though there is a "Pay" section for a more specific suggestion list by that site; however, since they rate all the foods, you can pretty much guess which one they would suggest as top picks.

    It also occurs to me since you've mentioned sore paws that it could be a yeast-type infection. I hope Boxergirl jumps on and fills in some of the blanks. She's in touch with a lot of these issues and keeps abreast of what the medical community is doing to combat them.

    We're always here to help, William, though in summertime a lot of us are away on vacation. You can do a search of the site for more specific questions and you may find information there that suits your specific situation.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    I'm glad you did this, Bailey's Mom. Thank you.

    William Brady, welcome. Did the vet call the sores on his muzzle pyoderma or any other name? It sounds like severe puppy acne (pyoderma), but you menitoned polyps. If you could share a picture we may be able to help more. As for the sore feet, that does sound like allergies. What has your vet said about that? Does dog have problems with his ears too? Please give us more information. We have a large community with a wide variety of experiences to draw on.

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