Hell in a Handbasket

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by EverythingEnglishMastiff, Dec 4, 2015.

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    That should be, "EEM." :)
  2. You guys are awesome. I love you lol. I'm in a much better mindset today. Can't explain my moods. Sort of like the tides I guess. Unless you also suffer from bipolar depression than I wouldn't need to explain. I don't take medication for mine.

    So They said Hank is coming along nicely. We are to expect the bleeding to continue though it's not as much or as messy. He's eating and drinking back to normal almost. Pee stream though awkward, doesn't seem to be restricted at all. I'm hoping for the best. I believe my wife said we take him back to the vet again in 4 days. He broke the little clips on his cone so we had to use zip ties. It isn't really helping I don't think. He can still lick w/e he wants to, hopefully it just keeps the frequency down cause it's awkward idk... Gave him a sponge bath with water I heated in the microwave. Here's a pic of the bruising and swelling poor guy.

    I sold a keychain to the store manager today for $5 lol(I kind of suck at math but I figure it cost me about $.80 to make). He was impressed with my "work". He wants me to look at his gun sling and see if I can make something similar out of paracord. He also said to hold off on ordering paracord off the net because he is going to speak with his supplier and see about getting me some paracord at store cost (cheap). The only thing is I'll have to buy like 500' at a time, but If I can manage to make a little money doing something I'm enjoying, what the heck.

    I tried my hand at making a "jig" tonight. It's kind of shotty but should work. Cost me like $3 to make, compared to $20+ online that I've found. It's not pretty, or exact lol, but it's going to serve it's purpose well enough. Plus mine goes up to 36" so I can use it to make belts and stuff too. I bent the crap out of the carrier bolt trying to get it through and I didn't drill it straight through with my hand drill so it's off a bit lol. I think my neighbor might have a drill press I can use so I'll see about getting another 6" 2x4 and using the drill press to drill it straight instead of my hand drill. Also I think my other boss at A&T mechanical has a router I can use to make a slot in the middle instead of the idividual holes I have drilled.

    As far as the website, ya the hosting was costing me $10 a month and it looked crappy lol. Also the store was a P.O.S. I don't know how I even made the $5 or whatever it was. It's already down now though. I have no idea how to even recover what I had or anything. I'm super noob when it comes to that stuff. It was basically a poorly planned out attempt and making some money online. I was using wordpress to do it and had some free SEO addon but, I'm sure I could have done a better job using addons but I don't have money to spend on add ons right now. It was just an amazon store with "Mastiff" as the auto search criteria. I think I just got the whole thing wrong lol. I confused the shit out of my consumers and did a piss poor job of building a brand. I enjoyed the blogging but got really unmotivated to do so because I was hoping to make $ with it and it was not even paying for itself. I should have researched more instead of thinking I could do it all by myself and it'd be cool... I don't understand enough about it to see how I could get help with it without putting the work on someone else. I hate to see the idea die, but I just didn't do it right.

    Anyways, I have a lot of catching up to do on the forum. I'm in a much better mood, and I have a "day off" tomorrow, so I'm going to read as much as I can here tonight. I only have like, 5 pages of unread new posts lol.
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    You need to change your inner voice. So what, you did not successfully start your website on the first try. But to say it was a POS or poorly planned out etc is not needed. Would you say those things to me if I attempted to make a website without any experience or help? Be kind to yourself, sometimes just changing that voice can change your outcomes:)[​IMG]
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    And for the moods I have found how you eat goes a long way to help stabilize them. We have ASD(Aspergers) in our family and boy can I see a difference when we are not eating well. Reduced gluten and refined sugars helps tremendously. I was mistakenly diagnosed bi-polar at 14yrs. Turns out I have a seizure disorder and possible Aspergers. It's easier to label someone you don't understand than to learn how to help them. Do the hard work to help stabilize your moods and you will feel a great difference, that I promise:) [​IMG]
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    Boy I agree with you. We have some issues in our household and the more paleo we eat the better everyone is. It's hard because I crave all the stuff I can't have, but I've found some great recipes and cookbooks to help. And there are amazing companies that sell good quality real food.

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    I'm not sure how easy it is but you could also try selling over zazzle, etsy or ebay which wouldn't require you to have a website at all :)
    Just a thought :)

    Glad you are feeling better today.

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    EEM sorry for what You are going through. Took me two days to read all posts. I hope today is a great day for you and Hank
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    I got a square reader for gf it is free comes with online free store and You can take credit cards for payment anywhere I set up a table

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  9. Sorry haven't updated in a couple days. Been working my ass off. Not a bad thing by any means.

    Hank is feeling so much better. Swelling is going down, bruising is fading away. Appetite is coming back, drinking lots of water again. He's gotten real picky about me putting water in his food, I.E. he won't touch it if I do lol. He is drinking plenty on his own his urine is starting to lighten up and not so bleedy. We have another appt. tomorrow for a check up on him. He just took his last cephalexin (antibiotic) tonight and has about 5-7 more vetprofen.

    His pee stream is awkward. It sort of comes out as if in two streams but both of which are 10x healthier streams that what he had before. Other than him peeing a lot on his own legs he's peeing just fine. I'm assuming the pee stream won't be so wierd when the swelling goes down more. I don't care if he pee's funny. I'm just so happy we still have our puppy and he has his quality of life. He's

    Roxy is starting to show signs of boobies coming in. We aren't going to do the doggie abortion thing. I guess we are just going to cross our fingers and hope that everything goes okay. I'm hoping the pups don't all turn out to be males because I kind of want to keep a female lol. We shall see what happens. For now I can't help but rub Roxies belly while muttering "My baby's having babies."
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    I'm so glad to hear that things are going well and Hank is feeling better. Keep us posted on Roxy.

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    I a just catching up, I wasn't able to get onto the site for a few days and when I could it was busy at work. Holy Crap EEM, you've been through way too much this year! I am so glad that Hank is starting to feel better! He is one lucky puppy to have you and your wife for parents! I will pray that everything goes well for Roxy and can't wait to see the puppy pictures! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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    I'm glad hank is doing better.. If you do have the litter please let perspective puppy owners know of hanks disorder as it is inherited. And advise they get puppy insurance as soon as possible as then they can be ready if their puppies get stones.. Also breeding those puppies could continue the problem. Just my two cents as a regular guy

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    i guess it's a good decision: Hank won't have another litter, the only chance to have his puppies. I'm not looking forward to managing Jack when one of the girls (or both) will be in heat....:(( And they're not even the same breed. If I fail, or they chew up my poor old house, i'll have a wonderful litter of CC x Neo mutts...:((
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    regarding the website: if you still want an online shop, let me know, it can be done/hosted/advertised for free. My host is in NZ so it can probably be a little slower in US, but nothing very significant.
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    he definitely made the right choice , just a tad bit late ............under normal circumstance , odds are on the dog ...... I've had a dog jump out a second floor window 2x , two days in a row , to get to a bitch in heat ......... had one that tore through two house doors . more than a few that tore through chain link fences more times than I could remember , everytime it happened i'd just fix the new spot ........ had one figure out how to use the corner of the pen and the gate to scale it's 6ft kennel ........ it's hard to believe what they'll do until you actually experience it , most will die to get bred , and that always was a fear of mine ,and I got pens .... keeping two bitches , they'll bring each other in season , I've seen it last a solid month where the male wouldn't eat or sleep , came home to him bloody most everyday ...... good luck .........
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    and I do know of one dog that died from heatstroke while penned near a bitch in season .....[​IMG]. Keeping Intact Dogs: Can You Really Do all This? - Whole Dog Journal Article .
  17. Merry Christmas!

    You are spot on marke. He was willing to sacrifice life and limb to get at her.

    As far as the pups being bred, I'd like to make a contract that explicitly states these pups are not to be bred. Doubt it will be legally binding but, what can you do eh? I'm going to give a 26 month health guarantee (long enough to have them health tested), and it's going to clearly state that if for any reason the family cannot keep or care for their pups I will take them back no questions asked. I can't offer a pup in replacement because I'm not going to be breeding.

    Hank is still bleeding. We've been having to keep him sedated because his activity level (even with being confined in the house and being allowed to eliminate 4x a day) is not allowing him to heal properly. I hate doing it. I don't even like to personally take Motrin IB, much less pumping my dog with all these pills. He's now on the cephalexin 2 pills 3x a day. They didn't give us any more vetprofen so that maybe if he hurts a little bit he won't be as inclined to be very active?

    I hate not being able to go to his vet appointments. I can't ask my own questions or get info first hand. I have to rely on my wife's interpretation of things. She's a blonde LOL. Not complaining, just stating facts.

    My truck has sprung a leak in the transmission. Def going to have to address that. It honestly needs a flush, filter, and new fluids. My exhaust fell off in the street from the muffler back due to rust. I was so embarrassed I just kept going and left it there lol. My muffler is pretty damn rusted and I fear it may fall off next. It sounds like a race truck now lol.

    Wife only has one week left at her state job and that's el fin. At least she will be getting the money she aid into retirement thus far back so I'm hoping that will afford us some running water. That would be amazing.

    Anyways everyone enjoy your holidays! Merry Christmas!!
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    Sorry to hear about wife's job.. Glad you are thinking of all those things with puppies

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  19. Oh I guess I should clarify she is quitting the state job so that she can take some prereq classes. Then after that her federal job is going to pay for her to get her RN which is going to be a significant pay raise when it's all said and done. Going to take a while and be a struggle for a bit but in the end worth it. As long as we can keep the bills paid and our crappy vehicles on the road in the meantime we should be ok. Now that I have a running vehicle I'm going to be looking into getting a 2nd job.
  20. tmricciuto

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    I'm really glad it seems like things are working out. How long will it take for her to get her RN?

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