Hell in a Handbasket

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  1. Hector

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    OMG things are that bad?! Very sorry to hear about the troubles, but at least you have an answer now. Hang in there and sending lots of well wishes for surgery tomorrow. Does this mean he will still need to be on a special diet?
  2. Oscar'sMom

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    Oh poor Hank! I'm so so sorry to hear about his troubles. Prayers that he will get thru surgery and get back to his old self quickly! Tell Hank not to worry...Oscar pees like a girl most of the time :)
  3. Yes the special diet is to change the ph balance of his urine to hopefully prevent stone from forming. Between the surgery and the diet hopefully that will be enough. If stones still continue to develop and they are not passing even after diet and surgery then he will also have to be put on a medication that will break down the stones. Given his size the surgery is actually the more economical of the two options(surgery or medication). But considering he has a blockage the surgery will be necessary anyways.
  4. I want to say Thanks again to everyone that donated so far to our https://www.gofundme.com/hqdfhk8c. Without your contributions we wouldn't have even had half the money we needed to put down for the surgery to happen tomorrow. Hank is in dire need and you all have made this possible. We will all be forever grateful.
  5. sjdavenport

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    I'm so sorry Hank has to go to surgery, I know how scary that is. But at least you have a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan now. Sending all the good thoughts and vibes that I have for you and Hank. Let us know how it goes tomorrow. I know he'll do great and will feel relief soon!
  6. tmricciuto

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    I know you haven't met your goal yet, but so glad you have enough to have the surgery done. I'm sure more money will trickle in as people are able to help. Prayers for Hank tomorrow.

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  7. BAMCB

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    Oh wow! We will be praying for Hank and your family tonight and tomorrow. Please keep us updated!
  8. It was thanks to the donations thus far that we even have the 1/2 down to get the surgery done tomorrow. I'm trying to come up with ways to pay the rest and afford his special diet he has to be on and possibly the medication. I started a thread to see if people might be interested in handmade paracord leashes and collars for donations. That's something I can work on while I'm at work.

    Paracord Leashes and Collars - Mastiff Forum
  9. BAMCB

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    Contact some non profit organizations that help cover medical expenses for family pets! Your vet may know of one or two. They are not forthcoming of it until asked usually.
  10. Boxergirl

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    Yes. I agree with BAMCB. There are organizations that will help in certain situations, but you have to find them and ask. I used to have a list. If I find it, I'll post links for you. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts today. Please update us as you are able.
  11. BAMCB

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    The Merlin Fund Foundation A 501 (3) (c) - News

    There is a list at the bottom of the page. It is something I've considered if Chica needs more care. We've spent the little savings we had on her and cannot afford more if a cancer diagnosis is given. Keep positive. The more thankful and giving I am the more things seem to fall into place when I'm in need. Pay it forward whenever you can and give even if it hurts(within reason of course). Sounds weird but it's been true for me:) I will keep praying over here for hank and your family.
  12. Boxergirl

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    I was hoping to see an update on Hank. Hope everything is going okay. Still thinking of you all.
  13. 7121548

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    Oh gosh--poor Hank. I hope he's doing ok.
  14. Ok so we are home. Hank made it through. He's about 10 lbs lighter than this morning after removing stones from his urethra the size of green peas almost, and his testicles. There was one stone still stuck in his urethra at the os penis (baculum). The technical term for the procedure is a permanent Urethrostomy. He will be peeing like a girl for the rest of his life but the hope is that he will be able to easily pass the stones that do form easily without further medical procedures, paired with the special diet. The special diet being Hills U/D.

    Hank will be on restriction for 10-14 days but that's never been a problem as he's typically a lazy bones lol. The vet didn't have a cone big enough so I had to drive to the big city (shudder) in order to get him one from petsmart that just barely fits(wouldn't have but since he started having medical issues he's lost a lot of weight). I can tell he's in lots of pain but they gave us some more vetprofen to manage that. We are to expect moderate bleeding from the urethrostomy site for a few days and we are expecting a healthy urine flow once he starts wanting to drink water again(hopefully by tomorrow). As long as all goes well, he isn't due back to the vets for 3 days for a checkup.

    Thanks again from the bottom or our hearts to everyone for the financial support. We would not have been able to have this procedure done if not for you. We were able to pay half as required being $982.84 and we will be able to make payments on the rest. The exact terms I'm not sure of as my wife took care of that while I was balling like a baby with my puppy in the recovery room.

    I'll keep you all posted on him as he's recovering and try to get some more pictures etc. Right now I'm exhausted from such a long stressful day and just want to lay down with my puppy and give him as much of my healing energy as possible.

    Hank in the recovery room.

    Hank at home with Roxy by his side for support. I'm positive she know's he's hurting.
  15. BAMCB

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    So glad he's home and resting well. You also need to rest! Sending you calming vibes for a peaceful night.
  16. Oscar'sMom

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    Great news that Hank is home and everything went well. I pray that he continues to heal and everyone stays happy and healthy. I'm sure Roxy is glad he's home too!
  17. Hector

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    Hoping for smooth sails from now on.
  18. BAMCB

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    So glad he's home and resting well. You also need to rest! Sending you calming vibes for a peaceful night.
  19. BAMCB

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    Wow! My tapatalk app is really funky tonight:/ lol sorry for the double post.
  20. Boxergirl

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    Yay, Hank is home! Here's hoping for a peaceful night for everyone.

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