Hell in a Handbasket

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  1. Thanks twilight. He certainly is in my eyes. I hate all the lil scars/cuts he has on his nose and lips from forcing them through the window though. Messing up his pretty face. He really is a good boy though and I'm lucky to have him despite everything else.
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    Just started reading all this. Sorry to hear about it. Have u thought about rigging up a crate like I did. Pretty inexpensive and priceless for the peace of mind it's given me.

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  3. My wife bought the biggest plastic one she could find and it wasn't big enough for Hank. My mom bought us a wire one (tractor supply had a 50% off sale on black friday) and he fits just fine I just believe he will trash it. As long as I get to keep bringing him to work with me I'm sure he'll be fine. He just loses his mind when there are bitches in heat. Now that he has cystinuria and we are not going to be able to breed him we are deff going to get him neutered (depending on if he needs surgery for his disease first or not and $$ of course) and hopefully that will help with his absolute bull headedness during those occasions. I had thought about tying him up too but I just think it's unethical to have a dog tied out and unsupervised for more than 5-15 minutes at a time.
  4. It seems to me he is having an increasingly difficult time passing urine. Today it was almost to the point where it was dripping out and he was obviously pushing to get it to come out.
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    That sounds horrible. The vets couldn't get you in sooner? This is an emergency.
  6. They told me as long as he isn't vomiting and or diarrhea and he's still getting urine out then it'd be cheaper to wait. I love how places charge you more for emergencies... He doesn't seem to be in pain and he has been eating a bit again.

    Roxy stopped bleeding and he's starting to chill out which makes me think she is prego for sure. It might be my mind playing tricks but I think her teets are getting a lil bigger.
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    Oh lordie lord. I'm lucky my vets don't operate that way. They are good at making time for us for emergencies which is 2x now with 2 different vets.
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    It would cost you more to be worked in at the office during regular hours? That's not right. Can you call first thing in the morning, noon and right before closing to see if there was a cancelation?

    And the unexpected/not planned pregnancies are always the easiest. Just ask me how I know;) I will be praying this is not the case for you!
  9. I'm going to call and see what's up.

    It's not that she is prego it's that she isn't even a year old and she is a little skinny mini. It would be one thing if she were an adult. I'm just worried she won't be able to pass the puppies.
  10. Well, someone cancelled at 3pm. My boss called this morning and said he needs me to work some hours. Wife is going to call into work and tell them she will be late so that we can get him in there to be seen. They won't have anyone there to do the ultrasound though so it's going to e an additional appt as far as billing is concerned.

    On that note I want to thank$ everyone that donated on my gofundme! https://www.gofundme.com/hqdfhk8c I'm sort of displeased how they handle their business though. Out of the $500 I transferred to my account they charged $41 in fees! I felt like that was a bit excessive and they are making money off of people's kindness and other's misfortunes. It's not like they are providing much of a service... So if anyone else uses them or was thinking about it just be aware.
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    That stinks that they charge so much, but every bit does help. I'm glad you were able to raise so much so far.
  12. Ya it's a bit underhanded IMO. But I doubt without using that median that I would have been able to receive the help we have. Which is truly and greatly appreciated by everyone in our family.
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    I'm sure you will continue to receive help.
  14. Ok, so we saw another Vet at Vista Larga today and she said that Hank had an infection in his bladder and that his prostate was swollen causing it to be difficult to urinate. She gave us an rx for Cephalexin 500mg 2x daily and she gave us Chlorhexidine Solution to soak his paw paws. We still are going in on Wed. for the ultrasound to see about stones or not. Hoping for the best! This vet says if we see improvement in his urination by then then there is a good chance it's not a stone that is blocking his eurethra.
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    Lmao, that pic is funny. Soak my paw now hooman!
  16. He's such a good boy! That's the worst one is his right paw. The other one he got fussy with me prob cause the water was getting cooler by then. Wound up getting off his chair and I had to get him to sit and basically stand his left paw in the water lol.

    I can never get the camera far enough away from us to get his whole body in the photo.
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    That is some good news. Leia was recently treated for UTI - we noticed improvement with in 24 hrs of starting abx. Still sending many positive vibes your way! Hoping for positive outcome on Wednesday.

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    How did she determine that he has a bladder infection when the other vet didn't mention it? Just curious if she did testing that the other vet didn't.

    Maybe there's something in my experience with Leo that could be useful to you, so here goes. My Leo used to have recurrent UTIs and bladder infections. He's the one that had testicular cancer when I adopted him. I believe the prostate was the real culprit in all of his ongoing health issues. I had so many vets argue with me that because he was neutered the prostate was no longer an issue, and not one checked it despite my requests to do so - until the last one. He had all the symptoms of bacterial prostatitis and I wanted a long, ongoing course of Cephalexin. My thinking was that if the prostate was infected before neutering and never addressed, simply removing the testicles wasn't going to fix the already present infection. I also figured WTH, he was always on Cephalexin anyway so why not just continue it as one long course instead of stopping just when it was starting to work. He was sick all the time and wore a diaper with a pad 24/7 for dripping urine and pus. I thought it was worth him possibly becoming resistant to the antibiotic so he could stop wearing those damn diapers that made his skin raw because of the neverending pus. So did Dr. B. We had just scheduled him to be tested for bacterial prostatitis when he died. Not one of the other numerous vets was even willing to test him. EEM, I'm not saying that Hank is in danger of dying or anything. Leo lived with cancer and the prostate issue for years prior to me adopting him and for almost two with me. I strongly feel, however, that if my concerns had been addressed and he had been treated accordingly perhaps the infection would have cleared. And while it may not be true at all, I can't help but feel that the long term infection played a role in his death as he'd never shown symptoms a heart condition in the time I had him. Just to clarify - we'd had many, many tests done and many bladder and urine tests and cultures. Not one vet prior to the last (my current vet) was willing to consider the prostate even though all the symptoms were there. I think that if the prostate is the problem for Hank, neutering should fix that. Leo was different. He had other issues and being a stray we had no background information to go on. Ask many questions and learn all you can so you know what you're dealing with. Hugs to you and Hank.
  19. She actually went off the UA that the other vet used to determine he didn't have a UTI. She also said that the sample was no good basically anyways because we caught the urine as it came out and could be contaminated instead of having a urine sample taken with a cath. She said she highly doubts it's a stone and Honestly for Hank's sake I hope she's right. She thinks his prostate is just swollen from having suffered two consecutive heats with no contact (until the end there...). I hope that's the case but it was odd that her opinion was so different from the other (much) younger vet we saw before. Oh believe me I'll keep on and doing research and forming my own opinions as I learn more. This will not fall to the wayside, even if I have to become a vet my fuckin self to get the correct treatment.

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