Hell in a Handbasket

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  1. Year and a half or so after she gets her prereq's done. I asked my dad to keep an eye open for security jobs that fit my schedule. He works in the industry and has a number of contacts so I'm crossing my fingers. I could have had a pretty cush job before this one if my truck had been running. That contract will be coming to an end soon anyways but it would have helped. My pops wound up picking it up himself. Even when he worked for LLPD he was the king of O.T.

    Everyone loved the bracelets I made for them for x-mas. Most people were like you should sell these! lol... Waiting to hear back from the supplier at work. Hopefully it's good news.
  2. al capone

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    There is always a light at the end of a tunnel.You're heading the right direction.Congrats man
  3. BAMCB

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    EEM- have not seen you in awhile. I may just be missing your posts but if not I am hoping it is due to the holiday and more hours at work. How are Hank and Roxy doing?
  4. I've been working my butt off(such a good thing). I've found being physically active keeps my mind more focused on the positive. I had today off and was going crazy. To nasty outside to work on my truck. Took the wife to the pizza barn for some route 66 style pizza and a couple Blue Moons. Then we rented a redbox movie but I fell asleep 1/2 way through it lol.Holidays are always depressing for me lol... My family is so odd and spread out. I didn't do lights and we didn't even have a tree. I guess I'm a bit of a bah humbug. My wife bought me truck parts for christmas and I bought her a new travel coffee cup. One she can't spill lol. My laptop has never felt safer.Hank is doing much better. He's peeing well. The sedation has gotten his bleeding to lessen dramatically. He likes his new diet. I can't wait til I don't have to cram all sorts of pills down his throat. He doesn't mind because I wrap them in lunch meat. I'm just the type of person that begrudgingly takes advil for pain and only when my wife gives it to me lol. I think I miss his testicles more than he does. He just looks odd without them. Also his butt still looks shaved LOL. Poor guy. Roxie is doing good. She is getting so big, poor thing. Not sure if she knows it yet or not. My wife says the puppies will prob be here around Valentine's day.Can't update with pics I broke my phone... had it in my lap when I got out of the truck to open the gate. It fell face down on the gravel and then I stepped on it... That's also why I haven't been on the forums at work. Eventually they are supposed to run electricity to my lil shack and upgrade the internet for the new computer system. Then I will start bringing my laptop to work with me and be more active again. I also can't wait for Hank to be better so I can start bringing him to work with me again.I miss you all. I really enjoy having my friends to talk to all about dog stuff. I find it hard to believe the mindset of a lot of people when it comes to animals. It's like they are "just a dog", not like they are loving members of the family that can learn and have feelings.
  5. Aaaand I forgot about adding the < p > so deal with that wall-o-text LOL

    Wonder if they will ever fix that?
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    Glad to hear work is going well and Hank is doing better :). It's been quiet around here without you hahaha ;).
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    Well working is a good excuse to not be on here;) glad to hear it is due to that!
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    Yay, you're back!
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    Glad to hear work has been good and the dogs are ok!
  10. Got a shot with the wife's cellphone. They are such sweethearts. Hank tore upo his cone but it wasn't really doing much anyways.[​IMG]
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    So sweet

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    Glad to hear Hank is doing better. And being busy with work (specifically paid work, unlike what I'm doing!) is always a good thing. Can't believe your baby's going to have babies, that's got to be weird. Hopefully everything will go smoothly. Adorable photo! I just want to give Hank a kiss on his smooshy face!
  13. I know. The reality of it still hasn't settled in.
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    Nice pic,EEM. Poor Hanks lost his balls.Roxy will be fine.

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