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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by JKwright, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. JKwright

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    Sorry on accident I posted this in the introductions section. So I wanted to repost it. I have a 7mo old and a 3 mo old mastiff I have the 7 mo old on Heartguard. But I have had people tell me they use Ivermectin for horses or swine I know it goes by body weight so it would take alot less. My question is has anyone used this to prevent worms. I guess it is alot cheaper but I don't want to take a chance either.
  2. Mdawn

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    I've had several people recommend it to me to use on my dogs. I haven't yet but plan to look into it. I've heard that it is a lot cheaper though and with dogs as big as ours, it would be good to save a bit if we can if it doesn't risk their health.

    As it is with Uallis he needs to take 2 pills a month...it gets costly considering that my Lab is a very big dog himself too...

    BTW...you seriously need to post pictures of your dogs. :D
  3. anyeone

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    Ivermectin was part of my horse's de-worming rotation but I've never used it with dogs. I would consult your vet.

    I am using Sentinel for my mastiff's heartworm regimen and as of yet haven't had any issues (he is only 5 months old though).

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