Guess Tessa's Mix-Awaiting DNA test results

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Catia, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Catia

    Catia New Member

    General consensus seems to be Tessa is a mix of TM & something...

    But it's anybody's guess really. So put your thoughts in on what you think my muppet could be.

    For those of you not familiar, I adopted Tessa as a rottie mix.
    I was told she was an accidental breeding. Rottie & something else...
    She was bounced between 2 shelters, then in a foster for a couple of weeks before I adopted her.

    It also appears her fur was cut/clippered as a pup & was all kinds of different lengths before she blew her puppy coat. You can see the different degrees of fuzziness in the pics below, which are from 8.5 wks to 11.5 weeks.

    Tessa is 'black & tan" *kinda sorta*--The black is black--but the tan-ish parts are actually 2 colors-silvery & an almost copper color which there is very little of--she has the colors of a himilayan cat--it's like she's 'pointed'.

    Until I came here, I thought she was a rottie mix, but the more she develops, she has more of a mountain dog thing going on, though not as heavily boned.
    Even though she's not as heavily boned as a pure TM, for a female, she is still heavier boned than a rottie.
    I'll be posting pics in order of age as best I can.

    To be honest, I'm not sure if I see any rottie anymore, & she doesn't have rottie temperament.
    She is way more mellow, different type of focus, more independent & much more stubborn LOL

    I do see TM in her face, despite all of the changes with blowing her puppy coat & growth, I still see that TM shape in her face clearly.

    If TM weren't so rare, I'd say I was sure she was TM & some type of retriever, based on what I've learned here.

    But try as I might, I find very very few TM mixes online, so I have doubts about the TM.
    ALso, damned if I can find other breeds of pups with the colors she has on her face/mask of other breeds-& i've searched & searched.

    I should have results in about 2 weeks after the test is received.

    She was 18 lbs at 11.5 weeks
    23lbs at 12.5 weeks
    43lbs at 16.5 weeks
    and is about 60 lbs now at apx 23 weeks

    Oh, and yes, Tessa does *drool*-not severely-usually when she is waiting for a treat or her food, & of course after she drinks water, but she's not a drooly mess, but she can readily produce those drooley strings right down to the floor.

    More pics to come

    I sent the Wisdom 2.0 Test last week--per USPS tracking, my test is now in Idaho today, despite Priority's moving very slowly :)
    So lets have some fun in the mean time!

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  2. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    I saw pictures recently on kijiji that made me think of her. The puppies were listed as Rottie/Shepard mixes.
  3. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

  4. raechiemay

    raechiemay New Member

    I'm going to say part rottie, some German shepherd, & TM.
  5. Catia

    Catia New Member

    Smokeycat--those are some seriously cute pups-but jeeze-did you read the ad?

    Quote: "I want them to go to a loving home. Where people are going to take good care of them and decide they don't want them anymore." Unquote

    There's more pics on the TM part of the forum, i'm gonna move some over here so people don't have to jump around-

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  6. Catia

    Catia New Member

    Wet dog pics--confuses the issue even further lol

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  7. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    Craigslist and Kijiji ads are scary like that

    Anyway, my guess......TM crossed with something. Some of the wet pictures remind me of a lab/husky cross I know, but she really doesn't have the right bone structure there.
  8. Boris the Blade

    Boris the Blade New Member

    I see newfie in there. I don't know if I see TM to be honest, althought I'm no expert I have researched dogs and worked in the animal/pet industry for pretty much my whole life. I see retriever newfie rott. It'd be ineresting to see the results although some people who I know that have used a dna test found ridiculous breeds in their mixes...One had a big 60lb shepard looking dog and the dna test said he had papillon!! Maybe the tests have gotten better?
  9. Amanda F.

    Amanda F. Member

    I was thinking newfie/rot. Bute in the wet pcis I see lab in her eyes. I'm curious to see what the results say!
  10. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    it depends on how many breeds they are mixed in and how far back they are.

    I can't find it on their site now, but (assuming the breeds in question were on their list) they used to say almost 100% accurate when the dog's parents were USA bred purebreds (2 breeds), 90% when the pup's grandparents were USA bred purebreds (4 breeds), but once you get more breeds in the mix especially when the mixes are further back the accuracy drops dramatically. To be fair the differences geneticly between breeds is REALLY small.
  11. Smokeycat

    Smokeycat Well-Known Member

    Yeah I decided to assume that they didn't proof read. Unfortunately there are plenty of ads like that one.
  12. taraann81

    taraann81 New Member

    Ill go with Rottie/golden....possibly some newf :)
  13. Iymala

    Iymala New Member

    Rotti x golden
  14. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    That wouldn't explain her bone heft or size though. Goldens really aren,t heavy boned, I'd expect a rottie golden cross to be lighter boned than a rottie, not heavier.
  15. northernmastiff

    northernmastiff New Member

    My guess is Rottie and Newfie.

  16. northernmastiff

    northernmastiff New Member

    And in some of the other pics, I see a bit of setter in there. Are you sure of the rottie? If you are, maybe a Newfie, Gordon Setter and Rottie cross.
  17. NYDDB

    NYDDB Well-Known Member

    This would be my thought, too. A lot of Newfies I have known seem to have an aloof manner about them, which Tessa seems to display.

    Also, it's those soft, loose lips- as well as her size- that says giant breed to me...of some sort! I certainly would not rule out TM, despite it's rarity.
  18. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    I'm going with Newfinwieller too.
  19. Catia

    Catia New Member

    ---About the Newfie end of things--in the beginning that's what the vet, a trainer & I all thought-newfie/rottie mix.

    Because Tessa's behavior was so odd for a pup, I was eager to seek advice from people who had Newfie's, to aid in her training.
    First couple of weeks, I emailed several newfie breeders & people from newfie sites explaining I may have a newfie cross & wanted some guidance, sent puppy pics etc. Not one person responded. I personally feel like that community is kind of exclusionary--meaning if you don't have a pure-bred, they don't want to deal with you, even on the rescue end--because I emailed newfie rescue people also...

    Anyway, I was also on a rottie site, explaining some of her odd behaviors & temperament, which was dismissed as it must be me doing something wrong, & not Tessa's natural behavior, then & I was lead here, because much of Tessa's puppy behavior is similar to TM's.

    On Tessa's behavior & temperament as a pup:
    Tessa is *super ultra mellow*
    She has the *patience* of a full grown pooch-even at 11 weeks-I say she's an "old soul"---I've never experienced a puppy so 'even'
    She didn't much care for toys (she is now changing)
    She was more independent, didn't engage me.

    She does an odd 'scanning' type of thing--much more intense than a 'wait & see' type of behavior,
    she will take in the entire surrounding QUICK & she takes some sort of 'roll call' of the surroundings & people.
    It's hard to explain, but I've never seen this in any puppy, & have not ever seen it 1/2 as intese in an adult of any breed I've experienced.

    I live in the city, heavily populated area, close to an elementary school with a playground, basketball court & a huge park.
    From the 1st day I got her, at 11 wks, every morning while school was in session, I'd take her over when the school buses & parents arrived with the kids to socialize .
    I also took her over after work when the kids were out playing, people were jogging, riding bikes, playing basketball etc.

    She would wait patiently & behave perfectly & allow the children to pet & handle her-like an old trained dog who's used to crowds & kids.
    She doesn't EVER over-excite, or has not yet, since I've had her.

    She very quickly learned who was who, & how it all worked, despite the large # of people.

    By the 2nd-3rd week, she was actually able to discern who "belonged" there & who did not.

    She also seemed to take roll of the houses, & some cars, associating it with the people it belonged to. I started learning where some of the people lived by Tessa's reaction to some of the houses-lol
    I always know if someone new/different is at the playground with the kids, by her behavior, before I'm even able to focus on who is there.

    I know this sounds crazy, but this is what she is doing. Tessa just pays a different type of attention to her surroundings.

    She takens in a huge area & assesses it quickly, then adjusts accordingly.
    Most pooches I've experienced observe a much smaller footprint of their surroundings.
    I have no idea what this means, or how I can work her natural behavior in to further training, I don't know if it is an observational thing, a guardian thing. I just keep socializing her to the area.

    Tessa has not ever shown any signs of aggression.

    She does however do a proud & confident stance type of thing & locks on observation mode when it is someone new & really does it with the 'undesireables' of the area--Sometimes she is unmoveable/undistractable when doing this-but she only does this with adults.

    With new/different kids & teens, she's relaxed & all about it. I have no idea how she knows the difference, my best guess is it is a smell/scent thing, because I can tell by her tail wag & her wanting to go straight there if there's new kids/teens before I can see them.

    Between 11-16 weeks, she had the following down pat-meaning she didn't react & try to chase or interfere:
    bikes/joggers/basketball games/baseball games/football games/skateboarding/scooters-kids running & yelling kids & swingsets & jungle gyms--

    Recently, past couple of weeks, btwn 20-23 wks, she sits patiently & quiet & observes deer with me-so so very quiet & still-- we've not spooked a deer yet :)
    She does however have a reaction to birds that I've been working on redirecting.

    The above listed things seem to come very natural for Tessa, meaning she was born like this, it's ingrained in her down to the core of her being.

    I did not have to 'train' her in any traditional sense like I've had to do with *ALL* of my previous pooches when I'm doing her socializing.
    She observes, makes decisions & so far, it's been proper, so I want to keep it that way.
    It's not a fluke, which is what I thought for weeks, nope, this is her way.
    I actually feel guilty when people comment on how well I have trained her in the kid/crowd situations, because it's not me, it's all Tessa.

    Now that she's getting older, at the 5+ month mark, sometimes I do have to redirect when it's an odd behaving or new person on out walks, once in a while she will attempt a jump up instead of a calm sit or walking by & ignoring, & we're working on this.

    LOL, out & about, big crowd, small crowd, stores, she's the perfect angel of a pooch, very little redirecting or correcting, she just 'gets it'--or rather she had it from the beginning.

    Now, at home, not so much...Tons of redirecting, & her recall at home just stinks-she's not even close to being a trustworthy puppy for 2 minutes alone!!!
    She hasn't even earned the priveledge of freedom outside of the room I am in-baby gates are essential.
    She is by far the *worst* counter surfer I have ever encountered. Tessa is an opportunist--& has the patience to wait as long as it takes & she never forgets where something is...
    I swear she sets me up & out waits me lol--I can't even make a quick bathroom run!
    She is in her destructive puppy phase, & her jaw is settling, but doesn't like most chew toys, or most dog toys for that matter.
    Bones/wood/ice & some heavy corragated cardboard & a few tupperware containers are her thing. She also loves to rip up boxes/paper & destroys styrofoam.
    So, it looks like a path of destruction has hit my home :)
    She gets too rambunctious with 1 of my cats, no other cats, just this one, she gets too rough & is clumsy & has no off switch-we're working on it.
  20. Catia

    Catia New Member

    northernmastiff--I've seen that pic of Ruffa the newfie mix-Isn't she beautiful? I actually tried to get in contact with the owner out of curiosity.

    -Personally, now, since I've been here & leaned some stuff from TM owners, I doubt that pooch is newf--looks all TM to me.
    Colors & markings on face are wrong for Newf, & spot on for TM.

    Though an all black TM is almost identical looking to a Newf on 1st glance.

    I tried to get more info on that pooch, I believe that pooch owner is not in the USA, possibly New Zealand & may've moved to another country, I think it was somewhere in Asia if I recall.
    Also, I think the pooch was also a rescue from what I've read & newfie mix was their best guess.
    I never received a response, & I couldn't find anything new as far as contact info.
    I'd love to know what this pooch looks like now, how big, & what types of behaviors she has-cuz she's a gorgeous specimen!!!

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