For what purpose was your breed/dog bred?

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  1. Miakoda

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    Every breed has it's own significant history. That history includes the puprpose for why the breed was created and what role the breed filled in the grand scheme of things.

    With that said, why was your specific breed created and did this have any impact on why you chose your dog? If so, how? Or did you just stumble upon your dog and fall in love regardless of what he/she was?
  2. Tailcreek

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    During it's history the mastiff (EM) has been used/bred for many different purposes.
    used in war, against people
    for hunting large game
    in arena fighting - bull baiting, fighting lions, fighting bears, fighting dogs and fighting humans all in the name of entertainment...
    to protect land from predators
    to guard homes and people
    to pull carts

    I guess the breed was able to adapt to different requirements throughout the times. I chose the breed because of what it is today -companion, loyal friend and protector.

  3. Renee

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    Who knows what deliberation went into the development of the Fila, hundreds of years ago in a tribal/colonial era and society? But looking back it becomes apparent that the Fila was bred to thrive in a harsh environment, first and foremost, and to be as agile mentally as it is physically.

    Among its duties and expectations are herding -- especially the wild cattle of the South American fazendas, tracking and hunting all manner of creature, from jaguar to man, protector and guardian, with the expectation of being able to accomplish these tasks with little or no human oversight or direction.

    My Filas were originally obtained to actually herd and did it well. Kharma is perhaps the most gifted and driven. Thankfully, now, I'm not living in that situation anymore. Now Kharma grants me freedom. With her, I can go anywhere, at any time. But even that great gift pales beside the gift of her love.
  4. filarotten

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    I honestly have no idea why Filas were bred...or if they were...really bred. I still weigh heavily on the idea they are fur covered aliens from another planet.

    I'm pretty sure I have caught Brutus trying to phone home a few times...
  5. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Yes, the Alien Theory of Fila Origins does explain a great deal, lol! They might also be responsible for The Big Bang
  6. Zoom

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    Well, that is the sound a fridge makes as it's being toppled...
  7. boerboeler

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    I'm no expert by far but I've done some reading and the Boerboel was bred to guard in South Africa.
  8. 2Mastiffsowner

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    Geez how can i start telling the purpose behind both the Neopolitan Mastiff and the Tibetan Mastiff. Well the Neopolitan Mastiff is a breed that was bred for protection and a game-keeprs dog. they were also fighting dogs for human entertainment, but since then the aggression has been bred out of the Neopolitan Mastiff. The Tibetan Mastiff is a Mastiff breed from the state of Tibet. They were bred as flock guardians, and also to protect the monarias from intruders. The smaller breeds like the Tibetan Terrier, the Tibetan Spaniel and the Lhaso Aspo would be the look out but if trouble was coming, they got get the TIbetan Mastiff and let them do the dirty job. THe state of Tibet is cold place so that is why they have a double coat.
  9. africanboerboel

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    This is just my understanding.

    I own South African Boerboels, Boerboels were not necessarily bred but evolved. The Boerboels roots can be traced to the Bull mastiff. As I understand it the Boerboels came as a result of natural selection which yielded an overall healthy breed hd is not a big problem in the Boerboel, S. African Farmers did not take their dogs to the vet so dogs who exhibited undesirable traits or were unable to keep up with the work were eliminated from the gene pool. . The Boerboel was used to work around the farm with herding dutiesand in the home it served(s) as a protector , It was bred to be short and muscular, the Boerboels height is ideal for farm work and herding because it was bred to move be able to move around and under the farmers horses. and in the evening it was used to protect the family homestead.
    I probably am doing a horrible job explaining it but at least I gave it a try.
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