First day at forever home.

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    From my experience they don't act like they are guarding unless they need to. Kryten will be 7 in January and I can count less than 10 times that he has gone into full guard mode. Most of the times he just watches but is more than willing to be pet by everyone he sees. Half of the time he has gone into guard mode have been a non-resident opening the front door when I've been home. The same person can enter easily if I'm not home. Other times are when he doesn't like how someone is acting nearby. Once he went into full guard mode for no apparent reason.
    Just because they don't seem like they are guarding doesn't mean they aren't, it just means they don't see anything to be concerned about.
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    Well, I just seen a different side to Gus this evening. My son was having a friend sleep over, I called the boys to the living room and Gus spotted our guest. I let Gus in for the evening after we went and got something to eat. Gus new we had company and was leary when he came in, smelling the “new shoes and jackets” and different smells. Anyways he jumped up, positioned himself on the other side of me and gruffed and growled a bit until I called him down. He had the most serious stance to date. He tried to make himself as big as he could. He did calm down to about 50 percent of full alert. After the boys left the room, Gus was somewhat still in attention mode for about three minutes, then he laid down and sighed real big, then went back to sleep. For what it’s worth, I’m sure some will wonder, Gus was introduced when company arrived while outside. He kept his normal, yeah I see you, that’s close enough attitude. Anyways, just un update on a recent conversation. While I want a watchdog, I will never tolerate an aggressive dog. That wasn’t the case here.
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    Gorgeous! And he looks like he's wearing a star hat, lol.
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    Gus turned one on 12/29/18 . He is 32”at the shoulder and getting thicker and still growing. Thought I would share an update.
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    Thank you, sorry I don’t get on here much anymore, so busy with everything else in life.
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    Thank you for the update! He is so handsome.
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    That collar looks so small on him now! Great picture!
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    He sure is looking good! Thanks for sharing his pictures
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