Fila owners please- The Fila and dog aggression

Discussion in 'Fila Brasileiro' started by iwannafila, Oct 29, 2015.

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    Whos the breeder? I like strong temps.
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    Bit of an update on the strange dogs and dog park. As with everything involving filas patience is required but the pay off is worth it. Leia is finally comfortable enough to play with other dogs at the dog park.

    It was quite literally months of taking her to the same park which attracted more or less the same dogs. She was very nervous the first time, she actually peed herself. SLOWLY though she started relaxing and would wander around and sniff trees or lay down. She'd allow other dogs to approach her and would tolerate them for a bit and then chase them off with a bark or an air snap.

    Even so she wouldn't play with the other dogs but she got used to chewing on a bone while I chatted with the other owners.

    I then started introducing my other dog with whom she loves to play to the park at the same time. We've been going with both of them for about two weeks and the last few times Leia has been wiling to run and play with Simba and the other dogs. Actual play not just guarding him, she'll grab a tug rope that multiple dog have and chase with the pack.

    Its been a process that took about 4 months. It was SLOW and for the most part showed very little progress but finally seeing her stretching out her body as she runs and jumps while wagging her tail back and forth is the most rewarding thing to see as a dog owner.

    I'll try to get another video to share the next time.

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