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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by dogman#1, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. dogman#1

    dogman#1 Active Member

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share some videos of the pups from my first litter...these were taken on the 10th of March and they are 21 mths in the videos...straight temperament, no training.



  2. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    They are looking good! Congrats! It is great to see the updates on them!
  3. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    Great dogs! Thanks for sharing keep up the good work!
  4. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    Awsome. That last one looks like a monster
  5. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    Come on, is the whip really necessary? All you have to do is get close to us and either of our fila's will go off. Not sure I would agitate a pregnant bitch either.
  6. dogman#1

    dogman#1 Active Member

    Thanks guys, they are coming along nicely. I appreciate it and I am proud.

    Angel..that "whip" as you call it is actually a piece of yarn...called a popper. it is meant to add extra stress to the not necessary to use unless you wanna really see if your dog has stronger nerves...a lil popper has made many a "hard" dog tuck tail and run..yea, dont bother using it and dont use the stare down method that is used on here either as it "breaks" most "hard" dogs. Where exactly do you see a pregnant bitch? oh, the middle one? dude if you saw a pregnant bitch look like that i would be worried...she gave birth almost 6 weeks ago...notice how short her agitation was compared to the others? wanna know why 6 weeks? sometimes stress can dry a bitch up...pups at 6 weeks should be eating food by then...non lactating bitch? no problem. It is easier to ask questions then to assume.
  7. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    Dog, I can understand using a popper. I guess what got me agitated was the thought that the bitch was pregnant. Sorry about the assumption. I just didn't think you would have one that young with pups on the ground.
  8. allsierra123

    allsierra123 New Member

    Doesnt the fila normally go for the throat? Are they just grabbing the sleeve because thats all they can get at?
  9. dogman#1

    dogman#1 Active Member

    Angel, it is o.k. That female was bred by me but was sold to someone who had an "accidental" breeding.....I'll just leave it at that cause i'm still really heated about that. My breedings only take place after both dogs get OFA Certificates...can only get OFA certificates after 2...def. not my breeding.

    Allsierra123, correct! 90 degree angle of attack is the preferred attack style... that being said the decoy enjoyed breathing so you offer the sleeve instead..if left to their own device it is what they do but they are opportunistic and will hit anything they can grab, in this case it is an arm with a sleeve on it. You gave me a great idea to thwart cheaters show I will buy a hidden sleeve so if the dog had been "trained" on a sleeve it might show that better. Thanks for the inspiration.
  10. allsierra123

    allsierra123 New Member

    No problem. just wanted to ask to be sure.
  11. Dogue

    Dogue New Member

    Impressive! I like how they kept going after the sleeve came off; they didn't stop! It wasn't a game! Love it! Dogman, can I share these videos of my Facebook?
  12. ravendarat

    ravendarat New Member

    I have questions lol. I have never had any type of interaction with dogs like this. Why are you TRYING to get the dogs to behave this way? You said shows, are there shows where this is a type of competition? I am assuming its for demonstration of protection abilities? Are these dogs pets as well or are they working dogs? If they are pets I guess I just don't understand why I would WANT my dog being able to go off like that. As I said I have never had any type of real interaction with dogs like that so I'm kind of on the outside looking in here.
  13. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    Yeah I liked that the sleeve wasn't the prize for them, as soon as it came off they were like "screw that!" and went back after the decoy, made it obvious that they weren't trained for it.

    Raven, it's part of the breeds temperment. I wouldn't want it, but I do find it impressive since 98% of untrained dogs probably wouldn't defend their owners. Personally I would rather have a trained dog (tested with a hidden sleeve) so that there is an "off switch", but having an "off" is important for my lifestyle and living in the suburbs.
  14. dogman#1

    dogman#1 Active Member

    Dogue, sure, go ahead they are public. let me know what others think.

    Hey Ravendarat,These are Filas this is what they are known for. I am not "trying" to make them act like anything. Filas turn "on" at the sight of a stranger and get progressively for intense as the "stranger" becomes more violent. The more protective they are instinctually and the most stable nerves is highly desireable in this breed. Are they pets? mine are. Are they working dogs? mine are, lol. they are dual purpose, there is few things a fila cannot do. they are athletic, powerful, graceful, and inteligent. they are also couch potatoes, doofy, gentle, sweet and emotional...sweet with their family and dangerous to of both worlds. I cant even think about not owning one. their loyalty is so intense and i know others say that but dude, i have had so many other breeds and i thought I knew a loyal dog...nothing compares and I mean nothing. They bond so closely that it pains them to be seperated from their family for even a short while. the stronger the bond the harder they become..the show??? the show is different than all others. first off all participants must get evaluated, if disqualified for whatever reason, ie mixed bred traits, bad nervous system, lack of temperament, etc then they are not allowed to compete. once all the qualified contestants are chosen then they enter the ring one at a time. the judge does not touch the dogs, he studies them for imperfections from 10' back or so and then tests for temperament. the dog with the hardest temperament wins "best temp" and the dog with the best structure, etc wins best male/female/puppy etc and then the best dog overall wins champion of the expo. temperament test involves guns, whips, chairs, sticks, wheel barrels...anything you can think of. they want to see how hard the dog truly is and how good its nerves are. If the dog appears to be trained it is disqualified. the show is not to see how good of a trainer you are but how good the dog is naturally.

    Why would you want a dog like that??? first time your wife and kids are threatened while you are at work you will know exactly what a dog like this is good is piece of mind in a dog's body....gentle when stroked, fierce when provoked.
  15. NeoBull

    NeoBull Active Member

    I can see why some people would want a dog like this, but they definitely aren't a breed for most people. Owning a dog like that is a big responsibility. Living in a populated area like I do I'd hate to think what might happen if the yard gate was left open, if the dog digs out, wind knocks some fence over, etc. My family is pretty social, I'd have to lock my dog up when ever friends come over, when we have BBQs in the summer, when my children have play dates, when the in laws come to town, etc. I like to walk a lot, I like to bring a dog for security, but I'd imagine I'd have to walk the Fila with a muzzle incase a kid ran up to pet it or an off leash (HATE THIS) dog runs up to us. I think they're amazing dogs, but they definitely aren't right for me :) I'll just have to hope my Doberman and Neo are enough of a deterrent to keep my family safe.
  16. chuckorlando

    chuckorlando New Member

    Neo the dogs are being shown as the man attacks. That does'nt mean they will attack anything moving. They should in theory be aware and on guard as any stranger approaches. But they by no means have to be wild to any and all to pass a temperment test. They should be aware of a stranger but not aggressive unless tresspassing or showing aggression. They also must turn from watch to killer at the first sign of aggression. Even a gun shot is not allowed to rattle a Fila.

    Kona for the most part will sit at my side and allow me to talk with anyone I want to. Now let someone approach croached down, or sneak up behind a car. Not walk up mind you, but being sneaky, Kona wont let you with in leash length. That very same guy can walk right up with no problem in a normal fasion, but act sneaky and it aint cool.

    That being said, Kona can never be off a leash around strangers. I can never not be aware of her and whats going on. No one can ever pet her unless she wishes to be peted. She's very capable of being very well behaved in a social setting. But she can not be allowed to just frolick with the others. But she has no desire to play with the others. Her passion is her people. Not people, but her people.

    If one can handle the work, no dog compares to a Fila.
  17. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    Athena is super socialized as my wife works at a doggy daycare and brings her everyday. she is very manageable especially during the day where something we like to call her fila bubble is larger but if someone looks out of place to her or gets to close its not pretty full on fila rage. And at night all bets are off...

    TAPD on my skyrocket
  18. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    So true!

    Judging by you guy's post the Fila sounds like an impressive dog. When I worked at the vets my manager got one from a defense instructor he was a very sweet dog.
  19. Bentley

    Bentley New Member

    Those are some impressive dogs. Do you have any good links where I can learn about the breed? In the UK Fila's are banned and people are really negative about them, so I'm trying to find a fair source of information.
  20. allsierra123

    allsierra123 New Member

    here is a site everything you want to know and more. They really are an amazing breed. They arent really a chain brained watch dog that goes out looking for people to go after. Ours only goes after someone if they come to close I can take her to the park and she is fine. I will say for now she does know the difference in small children she reacts neutrally to them. they are great with the kids they can go from full blown attacking like that right back to playing and loving on there people.

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