facial pyoderma?

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by anyeone, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. anyeone

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    My English Mastiff started getting little bumps on his chin a couple weeks ago. We thought it was environmental so started switching things out (food bowl, blanket, toys) to alleviate it but it kept getting worse so we took him to the vet yesterday. She said it was pyoderma, a bacterial infection, and sometimes very hard to clear up though. She prescribed Cephalexin for 2 weeks but said that it probably wasn't caused by anything in the environment. I am leaving him with a stainless steel food bowl regardless.

    Have any of you ever had experience with this? I looked up pyoderma online and it supposedly is rare on the face. The articles I read also said you need to have >21 days of antibiotics, not just 2 weeks. So I am wondering if that is really what it is, and hoping really hard that it clears up soon. She also told me it wasn't contagious (despite being a bacterial infection??) which is important since G-d willing I am bringing home a new dog on Sunday (a rescue bullmastiff).

  2. BettyBoop

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    I feel for you. I too have had my guys chin all full of bumps. I used a hibitane scrub and kept the chin as clean as possible. Which at times is difficult when you are dealing with a mastiff! I also washed his dishes every day and even twice a day. I find that this occurred with my guy who is young, shall I say teenager. So I don't know if this is a factor also? I have not treated with antibiotics and have noticed that he has cleared up. Although if I see any irritation I am very vigilant on keeping him very clean including his environment. I also have other CC's and this is not contagious. My vet stated to keep the area clean and she will not administer antibiotics unless it is completely unavoidable. So, this is what helped me. I am not a vet though and if your vet is suggesting this I would stick with it. Good luck!
  3. Bentley

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    I have had a similar problem with my DDB/Bullmastiff, the vet tried several treatments but what worked best for us was a topical anttibiotic cream called Bactroban and changing his food bowl + cleaning the bowl after every feeding. Doing this has cleared everything up but left him with a small amount of facial scarring, similar ot acne scarring in humans. It also seemed to reduce the irritation rapidly.
  4. Tailcreek

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    Facial pyoderma is fairly common in mastiffs. Avoid plastic water and food bowls and keep the skin as clean as you can. Hope it clears up soon!
  5. anyeone

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    Well, after 2 weeks of cephalexin it was a little better and after 4 it was gone. His bowls are all stainless steel now so hopefully it won't come back. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Julie

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    sounds like it could be chin acne, it is very common in mastiffs. I am a member of the Mastiff Uk group on facebook. They have been talking about this spray called Vet Aid that works great on the mastiffs chin acne. Here is a photo of it maybe you can see if this is the same thing your dog has.

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