English Mastiff puppy weights

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by moose, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. mountrn71

    mountrn71 New Member

    My male English Mastiff is 16 weeks and is 62 pounds
  2. lilliesmomma

    lilliesmomma New Member

    Abby was 35 lbs at 10 weeks and she is now 9 months and is 108.4 lbs.
  3. hick

    hick New Member

    Our little 11 week old neo/english mastiff (we hope) Pee-Wee, that we got second hand, was 12.5lbs at 8 weeks. he gained 7lbs his 9th week, and is 11 weeks now and prolly 25ishlbs.
  4. Lady justice

    Lady justice New Member

    Was so cool to see this! I have an English/Bullmastiff mix female, she turned 10 weeks yesterday & is right under 30 lbs!
  5. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    We are getting our second english mastiff puppy soon. At 4 weeks she was 8lbs and now at 6 weeks she is 12 lbs.
  6. Giantlapdog

    Giantlapdog New Member

    My girl was 15 lbs at 7 weeks and she is now 125 lbs and 16 months.

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