Emma Swallowed a 9" bully stick and is still vomiting...

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by dpenning, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Lisa P

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    She really does have a sweet face! Love her big eyes!!
  2. Ginurse

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    I am so glad she is home.

    Just a word of caution: my lab had that surgery, came home fine, but cried all night and I ended up spending the night on the floor with him, giving him love and reassurance.

    He initially came home, and was thrilled to be here, but the pain kicked in at night. I hope this doesn't happen with you, but if it does, please take my experience as a possibility. I know you love your girl, and what a blessing that all turned out so well. :)
  3. dpenning

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    Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I really appreciate them. They sent her home with antibiotics and pain meds, I can tell the pain meds they gave her this morning are starting to wear off as she is slowing down somewhat. They told me that she already got her am pills when I had picked her up and the antibiotic is two times a day but the pain med is only one, i'm thinking i'm going to give her one tonight if she starts whining, then another tomorrow. They only sent 3 of the pain pills. I almost prefer to not give them to her as it keeps her from being too rambunctious where as if the pain meds mask the pain she may do more injury!
  4. Hector

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    Great update!
  5. Alynnrr

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    Sorry I'm late but so glad she's ok

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