Emma Swallowed a 9" bully stick and is still vomiting...

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by dpenning, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    Last night, Emma swallowed a whole bully stick. I wasn't sure until she vomited it up this afternoon. She was still starved for breakfast and ate the whole thing. Was normal active until this afternoon when she finally hacked it up. So the good news is she got the bully stick up but now anytime she drinks water she vomits again. I've pulled up the water and will give it back to her in the morning. How long is it normal for her tummy to be upset after something like that? If she is still not feeling well in the am should I take her to an emergency vet? It is just water she is vomiting, no blood or there would be no question, I'd already be on my way.

    Anyone have any experience with this? Suggestions?

  2. cayeesmom

    cayeesmom New Member

    I would call a vet and ask their opinion, are you sure the whole bully stick came back up? blockage scares the heck out me
  3. Max's mom

    Max's mom New Member

    I stopped giving mine bully sticks and stopped with pig ears when my lab swallowed one almost whole. I've seen one too many horror stories reported about swallowing whole. Please call your vet.
  4. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    Yes, it came up whole. She has pooped today, after she vomited the bully stick up, maybe earlier that I didn't see. She was acting mostly normal all day, maybe a little bit quieter but not much.
  5. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Well if she vomited the whole thing up then I wouldn't be too worried yet. Since she has a habit of swallowing bully sticks, next time consider attaching a clamp on the end of it so she can't do that.

    And holy crap 9" - now that's scary.
  6. cayeesmom

    cayeesmom New Member

    I would still call a vet and ask about her vomiting up water, they should be be able to give you some advise over the phone. Chances are she is just fine, but it never hurts to make a call and ask.
  7. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    I called the emergency vet, they said it could be nothing, it could be her tummy upset at being empty since her dinner came up with the bully stick or she could have perforated something. She is very sleepy now but it is about bedtime and she has vomited four times tonight. They said I could try giving her some white rice with chicken broth to see if she can keep that down. I'll see if I can get her interested. The fact that there is no blood is the only reason we are not already on the way there. I'm going to be a mess till she keeps something down!
  8. cayeesmom

    cayeesmom New Member

  9. DDSK

    DDSK New Member

    Wow how scary.
    Hope all goes well for her.
  10. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    I can't stand it, on the way to the emergency vet She is not comfortable and only ate a tiny bit of the rice, now she is doing these little tiny huffs, not quite a cough. She may be fine in the morning but I'll not be fine until she is cleared by the vet.

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  11. cayeesmom

    cayeesmom New Member

    I would have done the same thing!
  12. Hector

    Hector Well-Known Member

    Hope it's nothing serious!
  13. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    Just now seeing this. Glad you are taking her in. Definitely, keeping Emma and you in our thoughts.

    More than likely got a little nick or shard stuck towards the back of the throat. When you get a chance let us know that it was minor!

    Big hugs!
  14. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    We are here now waiting for the doc. She was all happy bouncy when we got to the clinic so I'm sure I'm over reacting. More after the doc.

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  15. angelbears

    angelbears Active Member

    You weren't going to sleep anyhow! Fingers crossed.
  16. BAMCB

    BAMCB Member

    We will keep you in our thoughts tonight. I hope she gets cleared and you can have peace of mind:) I would have done the same!
  17. dpenning

    dpenning Well-Known Member

    She just has an overprotective paranoid mama. She is fine, he just said to limit her water. Tonight and back to normal food and water tomorrow.

    I explained why I was so paranoid because of my daisy experience and he does not believe it could have been from anything she ate. I guess I'll never know what caused the infection but knowing it wasn't because she was a chewer.

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  18. BAMCB

    BAMCB Member

    Glad to hear she is ok! Overprotective and paranoid is good IMO:)
  19. Liz_M

    Liz_M New Member

    Oh how scary, glad she's OK!
    I agree, being over-protective is a good thing when it comes to something like this. I'd also have worried about a blockage, or GDV.
  20. tmricciuto

    tmricciuto New Member

    Omg...I'm late seeing this. I am overprotective also. And stopped feeding bully sticks because of the smell. I hope she's feeling better.

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