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    What kind of supplements do you give your EMs and at what age did you start? Similar to the discussions around food, information can be misleading.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Kryten gets glucosamine and omega oil. He started the glucosamine after his elbow dysplasia diagnosis. The oil was started about a year ago after he hadn't grown back his fur from his second surgery. So with Kryten his supplements were started because of his medical situation and not as a preventative measure. Jiggers (not a mastiff) started glucosamine a couple of months ago as a preventative but he turns 7 next week and is still a very bouncy dog so joints problems could become an issue for him.
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    Denna started fish oil pretty soon after coming home - due to slightly itchy skin... it took a while, but I do think it helped.

    I think we started joint supplements around the 1 yr mark. If you start them earlier, be sure to find one with ZERO calcium included.

    Denna did tear her CCL when she was 5 yrs old... might be a genetic problem, but she has finally recovered (one year of conservative management, no surgery)... I think the joint supplements did help. Not sure if it would have helped more if we'd started earlier or not. If weak tendons is truly her genetic disposition (and her uber-straight legs also didn't help), probably not.

    Now (at age 6), in addition to fish oil and vitamin E, Denna gets Nupro Silver, Mushroom Matrix, Green Lipped Mussel and "Platinum Performance" daily, along with about 4oz total of "tendon soup". The tendon soup and Platinum supplements are both new additions, from our PT vet (still rehabbing the CCL tear)... the tendon soup is awesome, but not sure if we'll stay with the platinum stuff or not. I tend to rotate through different supplement blends to see what works and what doesn't, and keep her system on its toes.

    Also - Denna was a kibble girl until about age 6 months, when we moved her over to a home prepared raw diet. She's still raw fed.
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