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Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by babyjoemurphy, Jul 16, 2012.

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    I get that, if it says to "retry in 30 seconds" then it read you to click post twice, don't hit post again just go to the thread.

    's'ok, if I'd read the ingredients like I'm normally massively OCD about I'd have shot it down when the vet recommended it....it DID seem to help keep Arty's system stable when he was on the antibiotic, but I've never had yeast issues, so I've no idea if it would help with that or not.
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    mountainfila I think we got it afterthe second post....PUSHY! LMAO
    Thank you for the info....And "animal digest" that just sounds wrong!

    As for the ear stuff it is from the Sulon med. I tried a cloth but didnt try the cleaner. the problem is Murphy just has to smell the stuff and he goes right into a"zoomie" Hum, its almost like he knows the stuff he doesn't like me doing is gonna happen when he smells it LOL
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    When i saw my post come up that many times i was like "oh my" lol, it doesnt like it when you are a fast typer i guess. My female is the same way, i have done so much "cleaning" that she runs to the couch and lays on her side with her whole body wiggling lol. I cant even go near my dog medic box and she high tails it lol and i tried hiding my hands behind my back, she caught on after the first time or if she sees me taking the stuff out to the porch she will NOT go outside lol. But i can say once i ambush her she will stand still and let me do what i want, by ambush i mean after a while she can be tricked to go outside by me saying "who is that out there" boom shes at the door. Once she is out there looking for the bad guy i walk up be side her and give a quick squirt in each ear, rub a bit and thats it, then after shes done her head shaking i take a couple cotton balls and stuff them in each ear and give a quick massage, and then as im taking them out i wipe the gunk with the cotton ball and the stuff that gets stuck in the nooks and crannys near the top of the ear i use a q-tip. She hates it but i make her STAY best command you can teach a dog..
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    Animal digest:

    Animal digest doesn't HAVE to be a bad thing, but there's no way for the consumer to tell which companies source from GOOD sources (ie: non-sick animals) and which ones don't.
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    Oh mountainfila you make it sound so easy!!!!!! Murphy just plain out HATES it. I can get the stuff in but forget about going back in to clean. Poor guy I think is going to stop trusting me, for the little trust we have accomplished since he came to us. He is probably wanting to go "home" where they didn't sabotage his ears all the time. I know I'd wanna leave lol

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