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  1. babyjoemurphy

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    So we are having a hard time cleaning Murphys ears. He is not cooperating with us at all. Ihave been using his drops for 5 days now and nothing seems to be changing. The yeast seems to be kicking butt. So I have looked online for home made cleaner for yeast and vinegar keeps coming up. I think ifI can get the yeast under control the meds will be able to do there stuff. I give his drops in the morning and then clean his ears at night. I have been cleaning his ears almost every night. I am thinking I should maybe clean them a few times a day for 2-3 days with vinegar and water then start with the drops again

    Anyone have any ideas on this. I also cant get the applicator in his ear enough to make me think its getting all the way in the canal. He turns his head and thrashes everytime I try. So I drop the meds as close to the opening as possible and hold his ear up in hopes it will leak into the canal
  2. Marrowshard

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    We had a BM with persistent yeasty ears who needed cleaning about every other day. She fought the dribbly bottle of drops we used for cleaning but tolerated the oily ointment we had to massage in as long as we warmed it up first (just clenched in your hand for a few minutes will do it).
    For the drops, we discovered that soaking a cotton ball worked best to apply. Ebony didn't seem to care as much since it (apparently) tickled less that way.
    On the times we did have to hold her down, it was extremely useful to have a solid Sit, Lay Down sequence. After that, I could generally push her gently on her side and rest my knee on the side of her neck. Not enough to hurt her, of course, but necks are leverage points. Controlling it means they can't easily get up and you don't need to apply much force.
    Keep at it - it's hard at first but keep the treats coming for good behavior. Ebony also seemed to forgive us faster if we gave her ears a really good deep rub after the drops went in to help with the itching/tickles.

  3. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    I use the vinegar solution with 60% apple cider vinegar, 10% alcohol, and 20% water. I use it in Titan's every other day to keep the yeast at bay.

    The easiest way to put the drops in for me. When Titan is laying down, I walk over (hiding the bottle or cotton balls because when he sees them he runs) and start rubbing his ears and then I do the deed. I have to tell Titan to stay and he will.
  4. ruby55

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    I back ours into a corner, then straddle them & clench them with my legs. Gently turn their head up & lift the ear flap. I use a cotton swab or even a paper towel soaked with the liquid; stuff it into the canal so it can drip as far in as possible. Then I massage the ear below the opening. I was taught in vet tech school that a dog's ear is like an inverted L, so the canal extends down below the opening. Then I wick all the gunk out with a cotton swab, or even better, a high quality paper towel that won't shred. They hate it. But they can't get away. Then they go in the crate for awhile with a really high quality treat like their antlers or a kong stuffed with peanut butter. It keeps them distracted, they're chewing & swallowing, which helps with ear popping, and they can't stand up to scratch at their ears. They don't shake their heads much either, so there's less risk of a hematoma.
  5. DDBsR4Me

    DDBsR4Me New Member

    My boy actually likes to have his ears cleaned, but I don't use any drops. I use alcohol free baby wipes - they seem to work well.
  6. aaronl

    aaronl New Member

    we tried the homemade solution. vinegar, alchohol. Just be careful... not too much alchohol... Ours ears turned bright red and irritated. went and bought drops. much easier and no reaction. also use cotton balls. less scarry for them.
  7. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    I have been using Avena cleaner but it doesn't seem to help with the yeast. I also have cotton pads. I hold cheese in my hand and he only gets cheese with ear cleaning time. I watched on a video that when you massage the canal from outside you should hear a gushy sound. Should I hold off on the drops till the yeast(gunk) is out of the way? I am going to try the 1/2 and 1/2 water/vinegar and do his ears a few times tomorrow. Then tomorrow night start with the drops again. I have never dealt with an ear infection before and should have let the vet clean them when I was there but NOOOOOOO, I had to go all "I can do it" on myself. WTG ME!!!
    If I don't succeed tomorrow I will call in my Dads dog groomer to come do it. I don't want to waste all the medication if its not getting in there and working.
  8. ruthcatrin

    ruthcatrin New Member

    We use this on both dogs since Apollo had his ear infection. It came highly recommended by a BUNCH of doggy people I know (there are other versions of it too, to help with ears that have a tendancy towards yeast or other infections). What I do is soak a (good quality) paper towel in it, wipe down the inside of the outer ear, then re-soak a corner (I want it WET) and using my pinky finger rub it around the top part of the ear canal. They doen't LIKE it, but they tolerate it better than drops.
  9. Duetsche_Doggen

    Duetsche_Doggen New Member

    I just use wipes as well, but I have used the Zymox when Thor had an infection going on.
  10. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    I have pet grooming wipes and use them. he has no problem me touching the flap of his ear but once I get closer to his head he goes nuts. I have momentamax from the vet I just dont think I am getting it into his ear or his ears are not clean enough for it to work
  11. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    Yea, alcohol can make the ears red. I found that out and reduced the amount of alcohol. I, too, use cotton balls which is easier on the ears.
  12. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    I am just using vinegar and water. We got one cleaning done will try again in a few hours and then tonight put in his drops. He is so gonna hate us.
  13. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

  14. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    Ok so Murphy is one stubborn guy. Who here can believe that....a stubborn mastiff? Lolololololol
    So these ear drops are not working. Momentomax (sp). Its a combination of "did it get in the stubborn dogs ear" and " sit, be calm let me clean them". I have read that people actually use alcohol and vinegar instead of medication

    What are peoples thoughts on that. Or is there something other then tiny drops that can be used in his ears
    They look better just not getting a head of it
  15. musicdeb

    musicdeb New Member

    My vet prescribed Otomax which cleared up Titan's ears in 4 days. The vet told me not to use the vinegar and water so often because it can break down the chemical balance in the ear. He told me once I see a little bit of red in his ear, use the Otomax. He said it's better to nip in the bud early than wait until they are extremely red.

    I'm going to lay off the vinegar and water (I no longer use the alcohol) for a while and see how Titan's ears progress.
  16. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    Ok so I have meds for his ears but I can't seem to get him to co-operate for a full ear cleaning. I can do it but the yeast is kicking my a**. What are some home solutions for killing yeast to get the meds in there. I am not a HUGE lover of over priced store bought crap. Home remedies I feel are amazing and better.

    ​What are some home remedies used by people here, he has no redness or open sores at all in his ears. I just need to get it gone
  17. mkj878

    mkj878 New Member

    I had a german shepherd who had yeasty ears and her previous owners kept momentamax on hand for her and had to use constantly. She would see me grab the bottle of apple cider vinegar and come running she LOVED getting it massaged into her ears with a cotton ball, but hers itched and she knew it meant relief. After I started her on the organic ACV we never again needed the momentamax
  18. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    mk- what is ACV? and did the vinegar work to clean out the YEAST
  19. mkj878

    mkj878 New Member

    Apple cider vinegar the organic kind with the mother in. And yes, I personally believe it did because after using that regularly...every 3 days or so she never had yeasty problems again. But she was also switched to a high quality food as compared to Kibbles n bits. I also used it as a spray to clean my aunts boxers face who had yeast problems in the wrinkles....her face used to smell like a garbage dump! Yuck
  20. babyjoemurphy

    babyjoemurphy Active Member

    ha ACV I got it now. Did you dilute it with water or alcohol. I am very standoffish about using alcohol because he is already being stubborn about his ears and if I add alcohol and it hurts him I think I will be done. He will never trust me around his ears again

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