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  1. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    So I was wondering how some of you guys handled the DROOOOOLLLLL?

    For instants drinking water... of course Mongo has free access to water all day and night.... so what I do know if everytime I hear him drinking I jump up and wipe his mouth with his "drool cloth".

    But that gets pretty frustrating when you are busy or have your hands full.... but if I dont then there is be THICK drool all over the place.

    Does anyone else have this problem?:confused:

  2. Tailcreek

    Tailcreek New Member

    We have lots here lol! and lots of drool towels! We keep big buckets of water outside as well. They actually prefer the "outdoor" water which helps!

  3. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    See we have an outside bucket too... but he comes right in after drinking. So I still have to grab the towels.

    I was thinking about training him to wipe his mouth every time he drinks LOL its an idea

  4. Miakoda

    Miakoda New Member

    I have walls stained from drool. Did you know drool leaves a mark on paint?

    We also had the drool towel. Wrigley used to lay in front of the window watching the squirrels and he'd have thick strands of it just dripping to the floor. It was kinda cute in a way...just not when he shook his head.
  5. Mdawn

    Mdawn New Member

    We don't really leave water out all the time. My dogs get water outside when they go out to potty. Otherwise, I give them a bowl of water a few times a day inside and just wipe them off after. But we don't leave it sit out in the house all the time. We've tried that before and the kitchen floor ended up "flooded" every time because I have dogs that think playing in water dishes is "fun"...:rolleyes: Since we don't leave water out for them all the time, we really do have to make a point to be sure that they are getting plenty of water everyday...more hassle but less mess. lol
  6. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Kharma's not so bad with the drool. Where I do have mop duty is around the water dish. She likes to drink by sticking her whole muzzle in the water and sucking it down by the mouthful rather than all the lapping -- probably why there's not much drool. She does splash water out of the bowl that way, though, and she comes out with water up to her eyeballs, lol.

    If we're at my folks house it's always fun, though, because my parents are horrified by the wet muzzle -- or drool of any kind -- and she purposely goes and soaks her snoot then sneaks up on them and wipes her face all over them. She loves to hear them screech and pins them down in the chair.
  7. Mdawn

    Mdawn New Member

    :lolbangtable: That's hilarious! lol

    I have to amend my earlier post on this whole drool/water thing...Uallis now has access to water all the time in the house. It sounds gross, but I didn't like the color of his urine. It seemed a little too concentrated. I've been giving him so much water that he has to go outside twice as much. The poor dog has to pee so bad sometimes that if he could cross his legs while he's standing at the door, he would...lol but at least he's pee is back to a normal color...that's probably too much info for all of you but oh well...lol
  8. anyeone

    anyeone New Member

    At what age does the drooling start? My English Mastiff puppy is 4 months old and doesn't drool at all yet?
  9. VegasGirl

    VegasGirl New Member

    I've learned to live with it. No matter how many times I clean our glass patio door, it will be covered with slobber ten minutes later. Same goes for my car windows.
  10. frankykeno

    frankykeno New Member

    Thank goodness it seems that Taso Inu's don't drool as heavily as some Mastiff breeds. However, our Marrok has learned the "side swipe" routine pretty well and all of us have suffered from the suddenly soaking wet leg when he wanders by (you can imagine just how under impressed my teenage daughter is about that! :lolbangtable:)

    What gets me is the sudden shake your head, watch the drool hit new heights on the wall thing. Is there an Olympic sport for high flying drool because I think Marrok's got a shot at the gold this year. :)
  11. JstLovesFilas

    JstLovesFilas New Member

    Oh my... I owned a Bloodhound and they give a whole new meaning to drool. My husband refused to go camping with him - wouldn't sleep in a camper covered in plastic...lol
    None of the dogs now drool - but between owning Bloodhounds and Newfoundlands - it was just easy to make Drool bibs out of old towels. That way - they were with the dog when you needed one.... lol
  12. jeoestreich

    jeoestreich New Member

    Pandora drools like no other. Yuck! I have a towel in almost every room to wipe her mouth because I do not want to be slimed. :lol:
  13. Mdawn

    Mdawn New Member

    Just give it time...before too much longer you'll thinking fondly back on the times your puppy was drool free while your scrubbing your walls and floors...and wondering "How did the drool get on the ceiling of all places...??" :D ;)
  14. anyeone

    anyeone New Member

    Haha, I'm not complaining! Just wondering :)

    We went to a dog show this past weekend and watched the Mastiff judging, partly wanting to compare our dog to other slightly older puppies to see when the head is going to start looking more mastiff-y (although he is gorgeous now!). Looks like at about 9 months..
  15. Wappa

    Wappa New Member

    With my almost 2 year old mastiff she don't droll a lot either but she SNORES and is LAZY! Anyone else have them problems. She snores so loud i have to kick her out of the room so i can fall asleep and then she knows she can come back in and sleep in with me. The only other thing about her is that she is VERY skiddish around new people, but she takes her time warming up to males. She prefers woman over men all the time. She also follows me everwhere.
  16. anyeone

    anyeone New Member

    Mine is definitely "energy light" and does snore some, fart a *lot*, and shake when he dreams like he is having a seizure or something (it was pretty nerve-wracking the first time!). He is nervous around new people, esp. men, but I have been combating that by taking him out front every night and encouraging neighbors to pet him and give him a treat. He is slowly getting better though, and I'm confident that after a couple months of active socialization he will be fine with new people, scary noises etc.
  17. Wappa

    Wappa New Member

    My baby will only go to men she knows. Our neighbor is always around and when he goes inside for a min and comes back out it is like he is a new man. I have no idea if something happened to her before i got her at 2 months that made her that way or is it in their breed to be scared of certain genders. I asked the vet about it and he told me that she will out grow it.

    I also have a shepard and she loves everyone that comes over as long as we are with her. She has the problem if she is scared (mostly when she been bad) to pee ALL over and the vet told me she would out grow that too.
  18. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Wappa, it's a Mastiff trait to prefer women to men usually. Work on socializing her and getting her out around lots of people, let her have plenty of GOOD experiences and you'll be surprised at how much self-confidence she gains.

    One of the best kinds of places to take her is to plant nurseries. I take Kharma into Lowes and Home Depot as well -- pretty much anyplace someone else would take their little dog, I'll take my big dog.
  19. Mdawn

    Mdawn New Member

    I LOVE taking the my dogs to Lowe's. It's a good place for socialization. Lots of loud noises, people running everywhere, shopping carts, people in wheel chairs, etc...great place for dog socialization. I've taken Uallis there many times since he was a puppy. :)
  20. anyeone

    anyeone New Member

    The trainer at PetSmart just suggested Lowe's to us as well - I hadn't known they will let you bring dogs there! Pet shops also are good places to find people who want to pet your dog but be sure your dog is current on his shots before you bring the dog where there will be other dogs.

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