Don't be fooled: AKC Breeder of Merit isn't what you think!!

Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Annette Coleman, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Most people mistakenly believe that the AKC breeder of merit is a reputable breeder with ethical business practices. It does NOT!!! The only thing that AKC Breeder of Merit signifies is that a breeder has produced a specific number of dogs that have won titles. In fact, I have just had dealings with an extremely unethical breeder who is also an AKC Breeder of Merit and the only thing that the AKC will do is point out that they do not in any way endorse breeders. ALL Breeder advertising, is PAID advertising. Unless you are specifically looking for a showdog, do NOT let the Breeder of Merit label influence your decision.
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  2. Boxergirl

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    Nobody should consider "breeder of merit" as proof of responsible breeding, whether they're buying a show prospect or not. Each and every buyer needs to educate themselves on their breed of choice and know what health issues are of concern and the testing that should be done on any breeding pair. The buyer needs to know what makes a breeder a responsible breeder. Ask questions. If you don't get answers or the answers you want, go elsewhere. There are plenty of good breeders that also show in conformation. There are also plenty of good hobby breeders. AKC papers mean nothing except that the two dogs bred were registered with AKC. As with any other major purchase, do your research and buyer beware.
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    AKC is a corporation that is solely responsible for registering dogs and holding standards that breed clubs submits. Its main goal is to generate profit, which is why we advise people to research breeders extensively. CCAA and well as ICCF both have a recommendations page that breeders pay to be on and trust me, all breeders on those pages are not equal.
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  4. King Corso

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    Once again you keep all you comments in context of facts and good research I can count on you to answer without me having to chime in you are a asset to this site for all CC owners thanks
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  5. ICCF has a suspension list. Avoid the breeders on that list
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  6. marke

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    I've known breed clubs , where the folks running the clubs should be on the suspension lists ......
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  7. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    ICCF has a suspension list but not all for valid reasons, there is as much political BS to some of those individuals being on that list as there are those for bad breeding practices.

    Marke is 100% right, you would be surprised at the actual BOD members on a lot of the clubs, corso included, which should likely be on the suspension list themselves.

    There is no replacement for doing ones own research and not rushing into a purchase. Ask on pages for people to PM you, on several of those pages. Google the breeders names and see what comes up in the search engine. Ask for references and talk to other breeders (this can be rough as there are those that talk down about all breeders but it can give you info to watch for), sit back and observe the forums and pages. VERIFY EVERYTHING when it comes to health testing.

    It is a wonderful breed, but their is more than a fair share of drama, cliques, and egos that can make navigating it a challenge.
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  8. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    Thank you :)
  9. Unfortunately, I had experience with on of the breeders on the ICCF suspension list before I knew the suspension list existed. I learned about the suspension list during the process of this experience. My 19 year daughter was grieving over the loss of her beloved support/guardian animal, the first Corso we ever owned that we lucked into through a rescue. Before Xena, we had no idea that this perfect breed existed. We were looking for an older pup to more quickly meet her needs and fit in with our other dogs. The breeder would not send the full contract until AFTER the non-refundable deposit was paid. This contract effectively voids any guarantee unless the new owner meets unreasonable requirements. She also writes in so many ways that she can reclaim the dog that it is more of a lease than a sale. When I confronted her about being on the suspension list early in the process, she made the same claim you make about the suspension list being more about politics than bad breeding practices. Unfortunately, I bought that story and we went ahead with the sale in part because she is an AKC breeder of merit. As a result, we received a dog that is either badly bred or a boxer mix AND the microchip number on the registration does not match the microchip in the dog. AKC does not monitor ethics. ICCF only monitors ethics between members. I suspect that the "politics" you refer to are instances where one ICCF member cheated another and the club stepped in to enforce ethical business practices in addition to producing titles. I stand by my recommendation to avoid all breeders on the ICCF suspension list based on first hand dealings with one of these people.
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  10. Based on my experience I suspect that the breed clubs you refer to are affiliated with the ACK
  11. Justin Marshall

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    Could someone share a link to the list?

  12. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    No, all breed clubs have personal and political agendas. The breeder you bought you puppy from is easy enough to find info on with a quick search on several FB pages by their names. They were put on the suspension list with the ICCF, not due to their breeding practices (which I won't personally comment on) but due to an issue in regards to one of their other business ventures. There are more than a couple individuals on the suspension list that are not related to their breeding practices but personal issues or disagreements with BOD members, sorry but there are no clubs that are dirt free in this breed and knowing that and going in with your eyes wide open will prevent future heartache. It would surprise you the club members of either of the clubs (not sure about SACCI as I am not as up to date on them) that are board members or not on the suspension list that should be.
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    Wow guys thanks for all the great information
  14. mmmcc

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    Ha...and cane corso dog from Shauna Demoss Castelguard Corso is this year Westminster winner in CC group. Great credibility of those 'suspension' lists.
  15. Justin B.

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    Thats why its important to research, have multiple sources, and most importantly be able to think for yourself and draw your own logical conclusions.

    It goes both ways.

    Have met big name horrible unethical breeders that their followers worship the ground they walk on. That would never wind up on a ban list.

    Have met black balled back yard breeders that the show people warn others to stay away from....that turn out to be salt of the earth honest people with impressive dogs.

    List like that should be used as red flags or to dig a little deeper.
    I am sure any breeder on that list would be happy to explain their side of the story

    Also, any club should tell you what it takes to land on that list.

    I wouldnt let the list be the end all or the final say though.
  16. Just proves my point that the AKC is not a reliable source of information about dog breeders . Just because a breeder produces one good show dog, it doesn't mean that their other dogs are high quality or even healthy. Nor does it mean that they engage in ethical business practices. Even the AKC admits that breeder of merit only means that dogs have won at AKC sponsored events. I still believe that potential buyers should avoid breeders on the ICCF suspension list and be extremely wary of breeders that tour AKC credentials. This I opinion is based on experience wit a breeder who is both on the suspension list and an AKC breeder of Merit.
  17. BlackShadowCaneCorso

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    Annette, I get that you are upset about your breeder but I know at least a couple of individuals on that list that do not have adequate reasons to be on there except personal agendas. I also know members on both boards (CCAA & ICCF) that should be on a banned list, I know members of both clubs that because they are "big names" they will never be banned.

    AKC is a REGISTRY, they are a corporation that is based off making their bottom line. They do not control standards, they do not control if a breeder breeds dogs that do not meet standard, that have temperament issues, etc. I know several breeders of merit that are fantastic people and several I would not give the time of day to.

    ICCF is a REGISTRY, they do the same thing the AKC does to make their bottom line. The ICCF club is a separate entity and their members and officers and they are the ones that put individuals/kennels on the banned list.

    CCAA and ICCF both have a "recommended" breeders page, do you know how you get on either of them? PAY... there are no checks to ensure they are following breeding practices.

    There are breeders on both those lists that do not health test, breed dogs not to standard, have dogs they have never done a thing with outside of breeding. It comes down to research and not relying on someone else's stamp of approval to ensure you are getting a quality dog. I get more emails than I know what to do with, asking questions from individuals that previously told me my puppies were too expensive or that I didn't have them when they wanted them. They found ones faster, cheaper, etc. and then I get the calls because their breeders weren't what they thought they were. There is no replacement for research and taking the time to talk to a breeder and those with dogs from that breeder, good and bad.
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