Dolce, Armani, Versace, Rayzor. ESA+3 = Love, Security, Loyalty for Life.

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    I picked my first from one week old. Docle Gabanna. Matches my initials. She's the first and I trained her for traveling. She learned the commands easily. I trained her in 4 Mos. when I got her she was 5 weeks old. Even though I picked her out at 1 week. She was 10 lbs. the day I acquired her. Violet was so sweet she had all the puppies raised around her grandchildren and even though I do not have children this was a blessing I disguise. Plenty of friends with children. Smaller than 6 months old. Dolce has taken a beating from small chihuahua and children as well: she just wants to be apart of the family. She interacts with ferrets and anything I tell her to. I had her train my other babies when they came to the family. Two 6 mos after she was born. 12-5-10. Armani and Versache were picked from my exes batch who obtained one from violet and another from Arlington wa. Armani I hand picked because he was the largest black male. I also took the runt for sake of a good home too. Versache had a good home aligned and it fell through. Which was fine I already fixed her and she's trained. Now. Moving to a house with a giant yard. Made me wanna cry seeing them get to play to they're hearts content. I've always been a big dog fan. Now I know I could never be without one. Two. Three. Or four. Seriously they live each other and they live for one another !
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    Hi and Welcome! Do post some pics of your dogs

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