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Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Mongo, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    So after having all this talk about bringing your dogs to Lowes it made me think about bringing them to work... I am thinking about getting another puppy (within the next year, not anytime soon) and I was thinking about maybe bringing him to work for the first year. Which I think would definitely help with potty training and him teething. But then I was thinking would that more likely cause separation anxiety once I start leaving him at home??

    I would like to know if anyone on here takes there dog to work or if they did when they were puppies?
  2. Mdawn

    Mdawn New Member

    I've had Uallis brought into my work for short visits because its good socialization for him. I just had someone bring him in, he'd stay for an hour or so and then I'd have him taken back home or take him back home with me at the end of the work day. I haven't brought him in for full days because I'm too busy to keep an eye on him and my student (I'm an one on one aide).

    I haven't brought Eddie because he has the typical Lab exuberance. We have a lot of students that are medically fragile and he could very easily hurt them, unintentionally of course, if he'd jump on them, etc. Too risky for him but Uallis does well. He's just the right height for a child that's in a wheelchair to touch and pet him without the need for them to bend over, etc. :)
  3. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    Well ive brought Mongo in several times, and my older dog Sadie who lives with my parents. I work for a freight forwarder so we have a very large scale in the warehouse that i would use for Mongo LOL!

    But I was thinking about bringing the puppy everyday, but then I started thinking that might turn into a bad thing... like he could end up with separation anxiety once I start leaving him at home once hes past his teenage months... or maybe its a bad idea because you would need to give them more attention than an adult/ more potty breaks. Or if I had to step away from my desk would he cry and whine...

    I have my own office so its not like I have to keep him by my desk the whole time
  4. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Right now I work at the ex's furniture store and bring Kharma most days. I'm trying to wean her (or me, lol) from the everyday thing because I HAVE to find something else, unless I manage to generate enough free lance writing work to support myself.

    It's great socializing for her, and, frankly, I'm there alone a lot and it's a big warehouse building with way too many ways someone could come in through the back, so I like having her there, especially during the winter when it's dark when I leave. She's also been handy to have around a couple of times when I know the ex wanted to knock me into the middle of next week -- and realized she was just waiting for a chance at him, lol.
  5. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    I think i would bring him and if it turns out he gets separation anxiety once left alone.... then I will just have to work thru it, right?

    I mean I would be able to potty train him quicker and I would get to spend a lot of time with him... I just might do it... I mean when I actually get another puppy LOL

    Off topic...

    after talking about taking dogs to lowes last week... Ive seen 2 dogs on different occasion LOL both small but still

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