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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Annette Coleman, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    I think you are a 100% are trying to tear the guy down.
    Which is why you went as far to comment on the lack of concrete. smh.
    But hey if thats how you operate, do you.

    You missed the original point.

    ***Here is a dog that will fight a man and is great with family and kids. My only point. The original point.*** A well socialized dog too. A common line. A common dog. Thats what i commented on. A dog with home training.

    I believe this guy bred that dog and has had his pedigree since he was a teen. So that holds a little more weight than baseless assumptions about something terrible on the horizon for this dog and his family.

    Your opinion on his training and his dog are like a whole other topic. I don't wish to discuss that with you. And I dont bash people who are trying and working their dogs and put effort into it. Even if they make mistakes. Do things different. Amateur or homemade tools and techniques. So be it. I respect that more than internet people's opinions whos pet dogs are untested in any way. I give the guy props for putting himself out there and actually doing working activities with his dogs. While still socializing them.

    No matter how much random info gets posted I would like to stick to my original point.

    FYI I have been contacted by Police department for dogs before. Lol

    There are Cane Corso police dogs. . . So yeah
    You keep trying to compare apples and oranges. As mentioned police dogs and training is not the same or even close to basic home guard protection companion.
  2. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    lack of concrete to me denotes lack of experience , nothing wrong with lack of experience ...everybody started at some time ....... his dog is beautiful , the dog he rescued gives me the utmost respect for him , you couldn't be more wrong ........ the plywood floor in a kennel would be cheaper , but temporary , concrete easier to clean , sterilize and permanent , a drain you'd be grateful for forever , folks been through it once don't do it twice ......... I personally wouldn't need to bring up an individual to prop up my points , the news is full of validation as far back as you can look ..... you'll have to show me the police department with the k9 cc ? cop dogs carry a liability , they buy trained dogs , I've known folks trained cop dogs , there names are well known as are their dogs and dogs lines ...... you'll need to inform me of the difference in the training of police dogs and a "basic home guard protection companion " dog ????

    I've known folks who"work" their dogs that are without question a detriment to other dog owners , and the breed they "work" ....... you force a dog to defend itself and you can get them all to bite , doesn't make it a good idea .......
  3. April Nicole

    April Nicole Well-Known Member

    This seems to be a touchy subject. I believe a guardian breed who loves its family would react to a real threat if their loved one was in danger. We decided on a CAO because they are fiercely devoted to there pack, and their charges. They will warn, but if the warning is not heeded they will defend. They are guardians. We are going to start training immediately. Obedience and group training as a puppy. We will socialize him and have him properly greet people. They will tolerate strangers, but they are aloof and I'm good with that. We would never teach him bite work. I really don't think we need to. If a real threat presents itself, instinct will kick in. Our job is to socialize and train, so that we have a brave, confident dog who is not fearful and skittish. So that he is able to distinguish a real threat from the UPS guy. So as to the original question dog or alarm, I say both.
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  4. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    My current kennels have concrete pad... my new kennels won't though. But when I upgrade I won't judge people who still use concrete pad.
    I would look past his flooring to at least acknowledge the only point and statements in my post. His dogs are great with kids and his family. He will fight an intruder. Vi

    Until I show Cane Corsos on the police force they dont exist???????
    -A dog named Guido in Beachwood Ohio was very famous K9 Officer. Like 10 mins from me
    -Stormy Winns Kravyn was Baltimore City Sheriffs Dept
    These were s me of the first in America. Followed by more. There use to be a list online.

    Yes huge difference in $10,000 or more in full time police dog training vs what this guy is doing. Why would I have to show you something you pointed out yourself at length??????
  5. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    I don't see any reason why Cane Corso wouldn't make excellent police dogs. These dogs train amazingly well, and are agile as hell. I work mine daily and everyday she seizes to amaze me, especially the first 10 minutes. We only train about 20 mins per session.

    I don't know about the bigger Cane Corso but smaller have really good endurance/stamina also. The only difference that I can tell from a GSD and a bigger Corso is the speed in which it performs commands or sometimes overthinking or plotting a way around a command.
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  6. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    did you ever tell a puppy buyer don't ever let the pup do something you don't want him to do when he's an adult ? well if you haven't noticed they're pups until the day they die .......... let them do something they like and they'll for sure try it again ........

    your reason to not go with concrete would be ? what are you going to use ?
    wouldn't have a pic of your current kennel would you ?

    the dog guido was a bomb sniffing dog ? I think beagles , mutts and pigs have held similar jobs ........ I guess technically that would be "security" ...... the other dog I can find no verification , all I could find was the owner of the kennel called Stormy Winns Kennels in Calvert County Maryland ,a Denyse Winns, , saying she sells show dogs and family pets , not protection dogs .... it was in an interview with Washington city-paper news , in response to a 13 yr old girl being mauled by a cane corso .........

    while I just skimmed through the article below , I did look into the author , Alexandra Semyonova , ...... from what I did read it , it's about a family of a 7 yr old boy who bought an ipoII rott from the Netherlands as a pet ........ did you know they confiscated 49 gamedogs from mike vick , only one was deemed not adoptable ...... the military up until 15yrs or so ago used to put down all the retired dogs ............

  7. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Good article, do you believe that tug promotes bite inhibition just as a sleeve would. I mean since the human handler holds the tug and pulls it, wouldn't it have the same effect as the sleeve? I ask because I use a tug every single night, its a canvas IPO training tug just like a sleeve would be and you could pull my dog 30 feet with it in her mouth.
  8. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    Yes plenty of pics and vids.
    My reasons for switching.....are just that my reasons.

    Would be happy to share anything with reasonable objective posters who genuinely want to know.

    You got several factual examples of things you claim dont exist.

    Vid proof. Then you move the goal posts and make more out there claims.

    Plenty of dogs of many breeds that will fight a man off and still be an awesome safe pet.

    Cane Corsos have been used as police dogs.

    If we cant get past these basic facts I dont really wish to chat further.
  9. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    That guy makes me cringe, his knowledge would fit on your pinky. He likely knows less than you think about it but has partnered with other individuals (Ruben something but I can't remember his name) who does work his dogs extensively. I won't get into his breeding practices as that is the main reason he has be blocked on FB.
  10. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    I don't believe it does , I believe it matters what they bite and the reason they think they're biting it , I don't believe biting a tug or a sleeve encourages a dog to bite a person, it's play ....... with that said , some dogs will bite a person without ever seeing a tug or a sleeve .... pups bite each other all the time , my dogs bite each other all the time , bite inhibition is not just not biting , it how they bite , they don't got hands , if they want to grab something they have to bite it ..... I got a dog bites my feet since she was a puppy , gets her quite a reaction she likes , when she gets that in her head , I have to put shoes on until she forgets about it , she's over the top dog aggressive and has seriously bitten plenty of dogs , the vets can take her and do anything they want to her , she will finish her life without ever biting a person , like your video ddb daisey , it would never come to her mind .. I believe it's when they transition the dog in his mind to believe he's biting the person not the sleeve , that is a integral step some dogs are not suitable to make , so for a motive they often use self defense , they have them forget about the sleeve game and focus on the person ........ folks I seen train mastiffs to challenge people tend to put them in defense , my belief is because most are unsuitable , and it's easy ........ if it were my dog and someone wanted to "agitate" them like I see done all the time , i'd get them out of that situation as fast as possible ............... i do disagree with the author of that article as far as dogs that bite animals lack inhibition in biting people , it's never been my experience , the fact mike vicks dogs were 98% adoptable would validate my experience , and is not exceptional in any way . dogs know the difference between animals and people , and almost completely respect it , unless you teach them different .
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  11. Justin B.

    Justin B. Active Member

    I dont agree with a lot of the things he says or does . Which is why the disclaimer is there in my post. In fact my first post here was to clear up what i feel was misinformation him and a few others were putting on Youtube about Cane Corsos.

    Just showing that a normal guardian dog can fight off a man and still be a pet. His vids pop up all the time on my YouTube feed and it conveniently fit exactly what was being questioned.

    I dont assume what others know and bash people online. Even if I would never buy or purchase a dog from them. They're his dogs. Hes entitled to make and live by his own rules. Hes had them for a long time. He bred the dog. Tank is a very balanced dog just based off of the topic at hand. He will fight decent and he is well socialized. Im not going to assume anything else negative or positive about the dog.
  12. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Makes sense and glad to hear about the thoughts on the tug and sleeve. We will not be transitioning any further than those as I know these dogs are fully capable of protection without the extra mental aggression or whatever you call it.

    I still do stand on the fact that I think tug play with drivy CC can be highly dangerous without proper working dog training experience. It takes them to a new level every time.
  13. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Tug - a FAVORITE game around here. It teaches RULES... and all our dogs have always known, if teeth touch skin, the game is OVER. They know to ONLY bite the toy, never the human.

    Denna also LOVES to chew on her jolly ball... like she's KILLING it. My job is to try and kick it away from her when she's got it in her mouth - aka "soccer". She still knows to NEVER chew on my foot, or even step on my foot, which happens more often, when our feet get tangled up sometimes.

    She also has some squeeky toys that must be de-stuffed and "killed"... while others are there for nibbling and loving. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but she's identified something.

    We had some kittens in the house for a few weeks, and I know she would have loved to cuddle with them, if they had ever gotten close enough. Even when one when to attack her (seriously, all out attack... that's why they're not still with us), she was very careful and cautious around them, never aggressive.

    The wild bunny in the yard... I think she would be in BIG trouble if Denna caught her.

    As for a "Security System" - I have a dog so I have someone to talk to in the house when I'm otherwise here alone - and, supposedly, an animal with better ears to hear if someone's nearby (but Denna normally snores through the stuff I "hear"). She's also there as an intimidation factor to make my house less appealing to anyone looking for an easy score.

    She is not here to attack nor defend the home anymore than I'd want my husband to get in a fist fight with a robber... I don't want my family members to take that risk. I want to be able to scare the bad guys away, and if that doesn't work, I want something to distract them while my ENTIRE family gets away out the back while calling 911. We're "in city" now, and the one time we called the cops, they were here in about 10 minutes. A lot can happen in 10 minutes, but a big noisy dog in the house can certainly slow things down.
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  14. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Here is a mastiff training in police military work, I am sure this dog is not dangerous in the home. This is the correct way to train protection dogs imo. @marke do you think this dog will not take out an intruder or protect its owner because it only uses a sleeve for bite work? This guy in Miami trains protection, k9 and military dogs. He is the guy I learned how to do down in motion from and the importance of down in motion.

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  15. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    Oh... and we did have one of those monitored security systems for a while - WORST THING EVER.

    That was one headache after another... false alarms at 4am, cops called when we forgot to tell the MIL the code before she stopped by, bad installation - we never did have a working fire alarm (the whole reason we thought it was worth it), BBB report required to get out of a 2yr contract... never, never, never will I go through that mess again. Never.
  16. DennasMom

    DennasMom Well-Known Member

    On an associated note... I'd much rather see teachers allowed to bring dogs (well behaved ones) into the classroom than guns...
  17. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    I agree tug is good but even as some trainers of strong willed dogs and also noted in several articles it can create over the threshold situations that a lot of people do not know how to control, including my wife. I stress this point because I think it would be unfair to a new CC owner to play tug and exceed the threshold thinking the dog is aggressive. It also allows the dog to develop and love a strong bite.

    An example would be my wife playing tug with our CC cannot happen at this time as the threshold is reached quickly. The same goes for when we take her out of the crate for the first 5 minutes she needs to relax and wow, its insane and she is well trained is the weird part. It shows that even well trained drive dogs exceed thresholds and need an experienced handler to bring them back.

    Speaking of skin, last week having a reward tug with the CC after a 6 lap walk and training session, she accidentally lost grip and regripped and nailed my finger accidentally of coarse but uff the power. She immediately released when I yelled.
  18. I teach high school and I wouldn’t do that to the dog. Most kids would be OK, but not only would the dog be a constant distraction, the lack of discipline in schools today make then a dangerous environment for the dogs. Even if no one hurt him directly, someone would do something to provoke it. Not fair to the dogs
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  19. marke

    marke Well-Known Member

    i'm sure that's a pretty good protection dog , i'm sure he has a pedigree of highly trained successful dogs behind him ..... the dog is sharp , I would trust he'd take at minimum a bite or two ..... will he fight , possibly , only one way to know that , he's a bully dog , they're usually tougher when it comes to fighting and taking punishment ....... as far as safe around kids , not my kids , at 2:33 he took a bite at the handler ........ he's near out of control , those are the best protection dogs , they're on the edge (sharp) of biting anything in reach ......... I am telling you there are dogs out there your not doing that with , not in shorts , without a helmet ..... this dog is obviously performing he knows the routine and to attack the sleeve ....... nice dog , and the trainer I think I like ..... I've seen him before

    he isn't wearing shorts here , he been around and knows ........ American bulldogs have a foundation of dogs like rebel rouser , elrod , peeler's chief , some of those foundation dogs no one could safely get near , not the owners , not even great dog trainers , everyone was afraid of them , they were kept in pens and transferred to another pen to clean the pen they were kept in .........

    and a double lead , that's protection .....

  20. Steven C

    Steven C Active Member

    Yes but even if these CC are not great companion dogs, who would want a dog out of control like that. What would be the purpose of having that liability even if a working dog is really needed.

    Isn't there a nice inbetween with a dog that will in fact take down an intruder and still be livable and actually enjoyable to have around (my goal). I like CC for this as I know they will not chase beyond property lines typically, Bordeaux and CC were used to guard castles in the roman days from what i've read.

    I also believe that CC are much more trainable then DDB and am very pleased with the differences at this time. I was afraid I would have to go through the obscenely repetitive motions in order to train the CC and its not so, she trains 10x easier than my DDB.

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