doberman vs rottweiler

Discussion in 'General Mastiff Discussion' started by Asfad, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    BRAVO, DMikeM! I was hoping you'd reiterate your stated position. (I was also hoping you wouldn't think I was talking about you, but I was ready to grovel for forgiveness.). Thanks for speaking up.
  2. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    I doubt anyone here is pro-dogfighting ... I sure hope not... but we can't get away from the fact that it is indeed part of the many breeds we hold deer to our hearts...
  3. taraann81

    taraann81 New Member

    Ive spent my fair of time researching breeds, many bully breeds doing 1000s of internet searches and have never seen a video of a dog fight. If I came across it, I wouldnt open it anyways. Why feed the fire. I find it odd, that one has accidently seen multiple dog fight videos
  4. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    You're right! I've watched lots of video, never saw a dog-on-dog fight, definitely saw dog-on-coyote, dog-on-raccoon, etc., where dogs were protecting their properties and other family dogs, but no illegal dog fights. Odd that some are familiar with them. Key word, "illegal."
  5. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    I have run into dog fight videos while online but choose to not watch them. It offends me to my core and all I want to do is find and hurt the people doing it.
  6. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

  7. 2nd Chance

    2nd Chance New Member

    That brought a smile to my face. My rottie x bordeaux does this to the pups.
    some form of 'just squash em till they stop' training going on here lol
  8. Bailey's Mom

    Bailey's Mom Super Moderator Staff Member

    I think the Rottie is going to run out of ability to squash her.
    Bailey is growing leaps and bounds. Every time we visit with my daughter and her Rottie, my daughter voices the Rottie's thoughts this way, "This wee one won't stop growing. I can't stand it. I have to dominate her. Hold still so I can trounce you."

    We've wondered what will happen when Bailey is bigger than Bella, but, based on their friendship now, I would say, Bella the Rottie will still be the Boss because Bailey is just too laid back to care (unless they're play fighting.)

    My son-in-law hunts, but won't take Bella with him (bull in a china shop: "Which way did they go? Which way did they go?" "Forget it they're gone' you noisy dog!" But, Bailey, she's quiet, she really uses her nose, she'd be good on the hunt. When she sees something, she just sits down - she doesn't point, she sits and watches it. Deer hunting would be a pleasure with Bailey. With the Rottie, it's just a nice walk in the woods, lol.
  9. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    yeah exactly,i saw rott's tearing pitts in youtube.Though it was sad scene.:(
  10. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    I think they should be thrown in a pit to fight with them till deadth.
  11. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Thing is most fighting dogs don't attack humans, and the dogs might get hurt. Better to throw them in with lions or bears.
  12. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    yeah but the littlr innocent souls shouldnt be hurt.My neighbour has a cane corso and he and his dog always acts violently.strange people.once he intentionally made a fight with his corso with a shephard to show he has a tough dog.jerks!
  13. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    Well we had great debate on US and American dobes.Is there any difference between US Rottweilers and European Rottweilers.I have heard from many Rottweiler breeders that German Rottweilers have bigger heads.I didn't saw any differences.Does anyone know of other differences?
  14. mia

    mia New Member

    I have a Doberman and love her, she's a huge thinker and will not let anyone suspicious near me, I love it she will actually wrap herself around me if she feels danger is approaching. On a side note there is no such thing as a warlock doberman, it's a BYB gimmick.

    Warlock Myth | Doberman Pinscher Club of America
  15. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    Well there is no such type of dobe as warlock doberman but some dobbermans are breed to look and act different way.
  16. mia

    mia New Member

    Asfad there are breed standards period, just like in any breed.
  17. Bean

    Bean New Member

    After reading these posts I wonder if my doberman is just a sheep in wolf's clothing. I have a better chance fighting off an intruder, or criminal myself, and I'm only 5"3... I think someone forgot to tell him he's a doberman because he is useless in the defence department.
  18. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    Every individual in a breed is different from each other,and thats why we love them.But yes they are pretty similar.
  19. southshore

    southshore New Member

    There are large sized dobermans being bred, 32" at the shoulder and 130 pounds. They look absolutely stunning! Following is the website for Big Dobermans:

    Doberman Pinschers for Family Guard Dogs and Personal Protection

    Here are some pictures:

    Awesome dog Jack:


    Random pics. The second pic is an awesome dog:
    IMG_6834.jpg noobledoo.jpg 12-8-08-1.jpg

    The most beautiful they have. A true beauty. Her name is Anna:

  20. mia

    mia New Member

    The site you posted has NO mention of health testing, proving of lines etc, NO THANKS. The Doberman is NOT a supersize dog.... Why promote a less than stellar breeder..... :( Here's the standards for size, health testing is another issue.

    AKC: Size, Proportion, Substance:
    Height at the withers: Dogs 26 to 28 inches, ideal about 27½ inches; Bitches 24 to 26 inches, ideal about 25½ inches.

    FCI (European): SIZE AND WEIGHT: SIZE Height at the highest point of withers:
    Males: 68 to 72cms. Bitches: 63 to 68cms. Medium size desirable.

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