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  1. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    I know this is a molosser breed forum,but for curiosity i just wanted others opinion.Which one of these two breeds do you guys think is physically stronger and more healthy?And which one has better guarding instinct normally?
  2. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    Based on size for the most part I would say a Rottie and for normal guarding instinct if you are getting a show or pet line for the most part I would say neither. If you find someone that is working and testing their dogs for it then it could be a toss up.
  3. Catia

    Catia New Member

    Just wanted to note:

    Both Rottweilers & Dobermans *ARE* Molosser breeds if I remember correctly.

    Not all Molossers are mastiffs. I think there may be a few sheep dogs that are molosser as well as bull dogs etc.
  4. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    ^ correct.
    Doberman Pinscher

    Having owned both I will say the Rotti is far stronger and more aggressive. Aside from that there are a line of Dobermans that are exceptionally large (over 120lbs) that would out perform any Rotti just by pure intelligence. Rottis are smart but not near as smart as a Doberman. Also the teeth of a Rotti are longer and thicker than many breeds. My first Rotti years ago had over 1 inch long incisors. My current RottChow mix has incisors that are right at about an inch long.
  5. kbuchanan66

    kbuchanan66 New Member

    I think by sheer muscle and weight a Rottweiler is physically stronger but they come along with quite a few health issues. Cancers, dysplasia's, deformities not to mention some mental issues. Like any breed however you want to do your research and find a high quality breeder that breeds for health and a working temperament. I have only met 1 or 2 Dobermans but they liked people and were really nothing but couch potatoes. Where I have met plenty of Rottweilers and they don't give to thoughts about barking and growling at you through the fence.
  6. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    My Rott hardly barked and my Rott/Chows bark even less. They huff or make a cough like noise as a warning. If the warning does not work then one or 2 good solid barks. Anymore than that then you are in real trouble. If the RottChow was a healthier mix I would almost call it a perfect guard dog. But arthritis, Dysplasia and tumors tell me not to do the mix again. They are also very, very dog aggressive. At least mine are.
  7. kbuchanan66

    kbuchanan66 New Member

    That would probably be the chow. I don't think I have really heard anything good about the chow...but that is just what I heard. The health issues plague both breeds I believe.
  8. Tiger12490

    Tiger12490 New Member

    Who did the breedings mike? Its a very interesting cross

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  9. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    The first was just a petshop dog then the female was a rescue. I crossed the 2 and got 4 more. But it turned out the female had some coyote in the background (dna later). 2 of the pups were wild brown like coyotes, one was Black n Tan like a rottie and the last pure black and I snatched him up. We gave away or sold the 2 females and my ex kept the black n tan. He has had the worst health problems all his life from entropia to dislocated hips and obesity (exe's fault) Mine has only had the Dysplasia later on and a tumor or cyst on his leg. Oh and hearing loss. All three males are losing their hearing so it must be from the father.
    I would love to find a way to do it without the health problems but what owner/breeder. would be willing to try?
  10. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    I have met a breeder who breeds rotts and dobes.He health and temperment tests them.His rotts are normall sized.what big rotts should be but some of his dobe are 30 inch taller and weights around 100 to 120 lbs.They just look much stronger and intelligent then the rotties.Already i have a rott but the dobes just impressed me.Are they really dobes?But can dobes be that big and athletic,i am just impressed by two male dobes.
  11. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    I have seen these Warlock Dobies do incredible things. Jump over the top of cars and out of second story windows without a scratch. Swimming was a little hard on one large male his feet were so small and his mass was so dense he seemed to sink and time he tried to rest. But he was a fantastic dog. I dated the girl that owned him for a couple weeks and he got along with my pittbulls just fine. He did give me the stink eye once and I respected him because I knew I crossed a line that was his to guard.
  12. Primehns

    Primehns New Member

    I'm pretty sure the Warlock dobermans, are the original dobermans. If you check out this breeders site, it explains it all in much detail. The American show dobermans, are really dobermans with Greyhound in the lines that's what i've been told at least. I had a pleasure to meet one at the park, amazing dog, massive in structure, and simply amazing. And Dmike the rott x chow's you have, look just like Rottweilers without the markings. It must be a dream to own them. Check out this breeders site:
  13. 2nd Chance

    2nd Chance New Member

    I have owned working line rotties. Im on my 4th.
    I have handled Dobes, and knew a breeder.

    I like the solidness of the rottie.
    Walk the 2 dogs, and one feels like gliding silk (dobe) and the other a well oiled combine harvester.
    The rottie is naturally a velcro dog, and herder. So they dont run off.
    The dobe behaves like a sight hound, and takes off. Ive met a LOT of dobes with poor recalls for owners, you dont see that in rotties generally.
    The dobe is more independant and lays on a bed.
    The rottie will forgo comforable bed,to have its head resting on your foot.

    Rotties body slam as a form of play, and can send a dobe rolling 4-5 times over and over like a cartwheel lol
    Rotties are leaners. And have a full body lean that will knock over something that is say under 5 ft.

    Both are great deterants
  14. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    Never known anyone else that knew about the Warlocks. Except Judy the owner of Duke.
  15. MJR

    MJR New Member

    The Rottis that I have been around were all imposing with their strength and size. My wife's boss in college bred then and had 40 acres of land. When 5-7 full grown Rotti's are coming at you in a pack mentality, it will make you think twice if you really want to attend this BBQ or just stay in your car. We got out...after the dogs were put away. They were great one on one and after they got to know you. They all went after an alligator that was sunning by the lake. It was 4 only feet, but that told me all I needed to know about someone entering the yard. I'm mean if they went after that gator, what kind of person would try to tresspass? The Dobe's I've been around have all been super intelligent and great with people. They are not as massive as the rotti's are, but I still prefer them over Rotti's in general. I think both breeds have a lot of health issues from possible over breeding so it's important to find a good breeder and not just go on pure size. Dobes are my favorite breed, but our breeder had a respriatory illness go through our litter and 2 pups died. We decided to wait, and then were turned on to the Cane Corso. My neighbor has 2 and we were hooked. We've had Mufasa for 6 weeks now(he's 14wk) and he is already part of the family. Good luck finding the right puppy .
  16. ZEBO75

    ZEBO75 Member

    I will take a Dobie from a working live over a Rottie. Dobermans have less health issues and are more athletic. The Rottweiler is stronger and has one of the hardest bites PSI in the dog kingdom. Yes the Rottweiler is a molloser breed.
  17. ChangshaNotes

    ChangshaNotes New Member

    I've never owned either but it always seemed that everyone I knew that had a Rottweiller had to deal with some health issue or another. It never seemed as common with Dobermans but that could have just been because Rottweilers were more popular so I heard about more problems.

    Here in China, Dobermans are the more prized breed and they are big. Taller than the Rottweilers but not quite as heavy, though many must be close.

    Bullets vs Bombs
  18. DMikeM

    DMikeM Active Member

    My last Doberman mix lived to be 18 and only had some sight issues for the last year. Fastest dog I ever seen. We used to drive my old VW in the desert and he would run in front of th car at 35 miles an hour, then he would take off after jack rabbits. When we would get to our camp he would usually show up with a rabbit in his mouth. He did that until he was around 10 years old, then one year he just ran along behind us. So from then we would only let him out at the last mile and drive at 15 or 20mph. I think he never knew he was going slower. @ 14 years old he stayed in the car until we got to the camp. But he started getting sensitive to the heat so we stopped bringing him until he passed on.
  19. Asfad

    Asfad New Member

    Which one would you guys want to be at your side when a wolf,thug or any kind of danger approches you?
  20. kbuchanan66

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