Dingoes may be world's oldest dog breed

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    Dingoes may be world's oldest dog breed

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    A new study has found the Australian dingo may be the oldest breed of dog in the world.

    An international study has found that the dingo, along with the new guinea singing dog, are most like the dogs domesticated in Asia and the Middle East thousands of years ago.

    Dr Alan Wilton, from the University of New South Wales, says the two breeds are also the most closely related to wolves.

    "There are a lot of physical and behavioural traits that are different between ancient dogs like the dingo and modern European dogs," he said.

    "Dingoes don't bark, they howl; the new guinea singing dog sings or howls. What this study is doing is supporting that information with genetic information.

    "One of the interesting parts of the study is that it shows just how unique dingoes are and how very different they are from other breeds of dogs, particularly the European domestic dogs."


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