Diesel's DNA Results Are IN!!!!!!!! :-D - also a review of the dna test I did

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  1. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    His results are in!

    And I have to say for any of you considering doing the testing who haven't yet I really LOVE Wisdom Panel. I haven't seen any of the others so maybe they are all this cool. But, I was expecting something more like what 23 and me sent my dad for his human dna testing. It was pretty basic and vague. I thought ok well maybe they will at least tell us what breeds are in the mix. But, they do so so much more! Yay for low expectations and then getting super pleasantly surprised. :)

    This is what was included in his report for those wondering what you get in a Wisdom Panel report:

    * A pie chart that showed percentage of each breed

    * a family tree going back three generations (great grandparents)

    *his full dna code - not that I am a scientist that knows what all those letters and stuff mean but still pretty cool

    * all dna that indicates physical traits and a complete description of what each means and what may or may not cause the trait to display

    * dna breed traits and whether there are indicators that your dog will show that particular trait

    * a complete description of each breed that shows up in your dna sample

    * genetic markers for certain health issues and whether your dog has those markers or not (Diesel had none of the markers for the health issues listed)

    * lots of information about dna in general including things they can be more certain about and things that are less certain. full disclosure about anything that wasn't a 100% certainty

    And it is all in a neat and easy to understand package that I can pour over to my heart's content.

    Soooo... Down to what you really want to know (what I really wanted to know anyways):

    What is Diesel?

    - 50% Dogue de Bourdeaux (as we expected since we had met the parent but it is confirmed that side is 100% DDB)

    - 37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier

    - 12.5% Boxer (this one was the surprise, we didn't expect boxer mixed in there. Our guess was lab)

    No bad health markers - yay

    He scored 100% indicators for guard traits, sounds like our Diesel.

    His DNA indicated he should be between 77 lbs - 121 lbs so he is a little below the range he should fall in and he is def not underweight. But, at 75 lbs he is pretty close to the bottom range. Our boy is just a bit petite is all. lol
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  2. Gummerstail

    Gummerstail New Member

    Awesome result for Diesel! Great review
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  3. 7121548

    7121548 Active Member

    Thank you for sharing the results! DNA test results are always interesting, especially when you get something slightly unexpected.
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  4. Courtney H

    Courtney H Active Member

    That is so neat! If I ever get a mix breed again, I will totally do this! Thanks for sharing!
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  5. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    It was a lot more cool then I expected. I wish the human dna test results were this detailed. My dad's 23 and me report was disappointing. It was a lot more vague then I expected. I am hoping my own GPS Origins results will be a little better when I get them. You think if I ask the Wisdom Panel people to do my human dna they would? haha :-D
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  6. Boxergirl

    Boxergirl Well-Known Member

    Wow, this is very cool! The boxer is interesting. I clearly see the pit and would also have guessed lab, but boxer never occurred to me.
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  7. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I was joking with Sean that all this time we thought the only thing our dogs had in common was mastiff (although not even the same type of mastiff) and all along we really owned two boxers. lol

    I wonder if his nervous energy (along with his activity energy which definitely is boxer) comes from his boxer side. He has this tendency to stress out big time over weird things like when he wants to come to the bedroom and have on the bed time with me but I'm doing chores. He sometimes starts to hyperventilate when I keep telling to wait and "not yet". I will be in the same room with him but if he has it in his head that he wants bed time he just starts stressing and stressing. I have never seen a dog stress and have borderline panic attacks about just not getting what they want like he does. But, I see some of that same sensitivity in Kahlua. She doesn't panic over not getting what she wants but she is easily stressed out by anger so I am very low key on corrections with her and heavy on the rewards.
  8. TyTy

    TyTy New Member

    Nice.. I would like to do this as well what company did you use?
  9. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    It was Wisdom Panel

    The whole experience was easy and very user friendly. I definitely recommend it if you are curious.
  10. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    Hey I got my human genetics test results back on me too! I will make a post/review about it later in the "chit chat" section.

    The test I took was way better then the one my dad took which I mentioned earlier was disappointing.

    It's a show day for me so posting sporadically between the crowds at this.

    I am sadly behind on posts and updates as there is a lot going on in our lives right now. I promise to catch all of you up soon.

    Stay tuned. :-D
  11. Domus

    Domus New Member

    Nice results! I don´t know if this test is available in Portugal...how much did you pay? Thanks
  12. Nik

    Nik Well-Known Member

    I got it on a sale so it was $69. I think normally it is either $79 or $89.
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  13. Domus

    Domus New Member

    Thank you

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