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  1. DenyMcKusker

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    Yeah, I think you are right. He has a follow up visit next week. I suspect that visit will give me an idea of walking out or not. I am going to take a pic of the eye and attempt to post so you can see. I am not real smart on how to do that but I will try. I just want him to feel good. The cherry eye was obstructing his vision. I had to do something :( The cone is driving him NUTS! It is like a snow plow in the house, literally. I have rearranged furniture to try to give him more room. I thought this was all going to be routine. NOT!
  2. DenyMcKusker

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    How can you tell when the dry eye surfaces? Do you have prescription medication or are you able to purchase over the counter?
  3. Sheila Braund

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    Oh my! I would be upset too...._Really I am upset Max is going threw all this.... to me it seems this Vet is nickel your pocket book to death..... that’s just me and as far as your friends advice....I’m thinking a 2nd opinion can’t hurt.... even if the 2nd Vet agreed with what your current Vet is doing. At the very least you’ll have peace of mind
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    He will tend to get a small amount of discharge from the eye, and will actually look like it needs drops. We usually just call up the vet if we need an new RX. It doesn't happen often so we normally get a new RX so we don't use old stuff.
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    How did Max's follow up go?
  6. DenyMcKusker

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    The Vet. looked at the eye and said"This looks great". Another Vet walked in and said "looks really good" So??? You can clearly see where the tack is. The eye is real red. I am putting drops in the eye every day. They are my drops for allergy eyes. She approved using them. It looks so much better after the drops. He is real good about having the drops in. If and when the other eye pops out or the 1 fixed pops out again I am taking him to my friend in SE TX and have the glands removed. He is a family boy, no show dog or anything so it is not that big of deal I just don't want the eye to feel uncomfortable for him. So, I guess all is well for now. Thank you for asking!!!
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