Changing stool - confusing time!

Discussion in 'Health & Nutritional Care' started by NeSaxena, Feb 25, 2013.

  1. NeSaxena

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    Cannon butt! One poop today - light chocolate color, some tiny pieces of semi solid poo as well. I think I overdid the organs. BUT he also threw up the beef he ate in the morning. Full chunks. I had chopped it in the morning, I guess I'm never doing that again! PLUS, he had his deworming pill on Saturday.

    As usual, no change in energy or any other change.

    I think its my fault - got excited and gave him too much together. Backed off for now. Gave rice and yogurt in the afternoon to reset and cool him down (I'm also attributing some of this to the heat - about 98 to 100 deg F outside. Correct me if I'm wrong). Going back to chicken for the next coupla days.

    Any other suggestions/opinions, other than the fact that I'm a nincompoop who made a dumb move? :eek:
  2. NeSaxena

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    Quick update - he's now eating beef, pork and chicken with no issues. Tried chicken heads recently, he loves them! I was thinking for the next batch of food, bring in whole chickens and let him wolf down some (according to weight - the "true" PMR diet), and give boneless pork and beef other times (between 500 - 600 grams). Will this balance out the bone, considering a whole chicken is considered to be 20 to 25% bone?

    I'm going to be intro'ing him to fish tomorrow. He likes fish skin, so hopefully the rest will work out as well. :)
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    That should work, and awesome!

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