Central Asian Shepherd Pup Logan

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by April Nicole, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. April Nicole

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    It's already growing back. Lol...
    I agree Sophie is a very popular dog name. I think it's more popular for dogs than people. I like it, it suits her.
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  2. April Nicole

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    He just keeps growing and growing...
    Logan's doing great. He's really enjoying the cooler weather, as are we. He is going on 9 months old. Don't know his weight, but his height is just below 29 in. He has a long body. Here are some pics of him with my hubby next to a 6 ft. fence
    Resized_20181117_121439(1).jpeg Resized_20181117_121247.jpeg Resized_20181117_121229.jpeg Resized_20181117_121330(1).jpeg Resized_20181117_121231.jpeg Resized_20181117_121304.jpeg
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