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    F653096B-388B-4152-BB0F-545C4BB1184D.jpeg 0A49BC4A-2CF9-4C81-857C-950BF5968262.jpeg 83E7F999-E90A-4243-A4F5-333CD80C6D89.jpeg 33861C56-82F1-4812-98F1-B3A79A28AA31.jpeg CFF0F616-708A-40F4-9B0E-A0E24402BEDD.jpeg We are coming up on 3 Year’s without Cano. This time of year is always hard for me. I lost my last grandparent, and then lost my fur baby to cardiomyopathy just two weeks later. I just wanted to take a moment to honor him. Though he only lived six short months, I know by rescuing him that he was able to have the best life. Rest easy, Cano. Momma loves you.
  2. Aren

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    Beautiful puppy. So sorry for your loss.
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  3. Michele

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    Sorry for your loss.
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    What a gorgeous boy. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you treasure those six months and wouldn't change anything.

    Cardiomyopathy sucks.
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  5. Nik

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    What a beautiful boy. I am so sorry for your loss.
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  6. Courtney H

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    Thanks everyone. Here’s a couple more pictures of my sweet Cano. The first one was on our last day together. He got cheeseburgers.

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  7. Aren

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    So Sweet. Lovely pictures for your memories.
    What a beautiful puppy.
    It looks like you have two beautiful puppies now.
    There are no substitutes for our babies
    We don't rehome puppies...we rehome a love that just grows.
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