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Discussion in 'Cane Corso' started by Frank v, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Frank v

    Frank v New Member

    First time cane corso owner. I just got his ears cropped. His ears are bandaged up waiting till next week to be removed. I am not sure if anyone is able to tell with the bandages if the ears will be standing upright. Any feed back on ear cropping would be great. Thanks

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  2. tkcro

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    I think the ears will stand upright no problem. Each Corso is different. For example for my CC we didn’t tape his ears or anything and they stood up on their own. It all depends but his look like they will stand. It’s all a patience thing so you’ll have to give it time but since his are already tapped up right after if you keep up with the taping it will work out!
  3. BlackShadowCaneCorso

    BlackShadowCaneCorso Super Moderator Staff Member

    Only time will tell once the bandages are off. Good luck with your puppy.
  4. Frank v

    Frank v New Member

    Thanks .For the positive feedback i appreciate it

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