Cane Corso as Boar Hunting dog?

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  1. Does anyone use their Corsos to hunt boar, because I know this was originally one of their many purposes. And does teaching a dog to hunt make it more aggressive or just mentally stimulates them?
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    I'm not a hunter, but from what I've seen of well trained dogs - trained to hunt and/or as personal protection - the more training, the more you learn how to communicate with the dog and are able to flip the "on" and "off" switches. So, a dog that is in full protection mode can be turned "off" and returned to a calm companion (albeit an alert one), if both dog and handler are well trained and able to communicate properly.

    SO... short answer.... no. A dog trained to hunt is not more aggressive, and a hunting dog post-hunt should be a tired, satisfied, happy dog - the best kind!
  3. Yeh I thought so it would just tire out the dog and make it less frustrated!
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    any dog i've known that hunted hogs were highly prey driven , and game , they'd fight for real , it's why you normally see folks using gamebred pits or pit crosses , not something for everyone , not saying they're dangerous , but a highly prey driven dog is more of a handful than most folks are looking for .........
  5. Well my American Bulldog caught hogs (got a Catch Dog title to prove it), did protection as well, but he was also the most easy going dog in the house. It depends on the individual dog.
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    does depend on the dog , but personally the AB's I've known that done this , and that number is not just a couple , hell the AB breed that I knew as a whole are not dogs for everyone , some for very few ……. dogs i'm familiar with , pure Johnson , Johnson bred them dogs off dogs needed kept in cages , noone could handle some of them ……. leclerc's , scott's , koura's , litchthardt's , bbk , leatherneck's , symmes , sure grip , manstoppers , mgk … there were some breeders breeding working ability dogs with more mild handleable temperaments , but the ones I knew where breeding dogs with no other criteria but to bite , pull , or catch , i'd say most of them were potential problems with inexperienced folks , especially the biters ……… I probably know dogs your AB is off of , actually it'd be doubtful I don't ………. while catching in a pen can take a good dog , catching for a living is another level …….. I actually think the average pitbull is a much easier dog than the American bulldogs I've been around ……… at the high end , some smart defensive/aggressive , prey driven dogs that don't appreciate being corrected , by anyone ….... ….
  7. Have you owned an AB, or just talked to the owners? I had a Johnson Dog that I titled in Hog Catching, Protection, and Weight Pull. He did everything with relentless determination, but when he went home he was like a lazy English Mastiff. I also had a standard Leclerc type female who was a bit more active and destructive but still more manageable than the Bullmastiff puppy I have now. Truth is, the people at the shows all thought my dog would have been a handful at home. I think a lot of AB people like to give the impression that their dogs are "macho", but the truth is they are lovable teddy bears at home. If you look at the documentaries on Youtube about AB's, they all say they have an On/Off switch. I agree with that 100%.
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    I knew everybody I mentioned and their dogs , met some of the foundation dogs of that breed , good friends who left a huge footprint in that breed , and many folks I think were clueless puppymillers that left a huge footprint to the detriment of that breed too …… was around that circle for decades , not a few dogs , i'd say a few hundred , was a competion for me with my bordeauxs , drove me to do better with them , I showed them folks what a real Bordeaux could be like , I promise you they didn't believe it , you may not , you'd have needed to see it …………was a long time ago , but one trait I seen displayed by most AB's was that distrustful defensive aggressive nature ? not stranger friendly , and would bite , and they didn't hide it …..also one of the unhealthiest breeds of dogs I've ever known ….i'd actually say the temper I describe was a distinguishable breed trait , like filas temper is a trait ……... probably from the dogs JDJ bred into them , farnetti gave elrod to jdj because he couldn't handle him , he got rebel rouser because he attacked a bunch of folks in new York , they had to get rid of him , those dogs were foundations of johnson lines ….…hell I seen peelers chief described like this " if the meanest dog you ever met was fire , chief would be an atomic bomb" , they bred that dog a lot , I knew good dog trainers afraid of him….… lots of guys added pit , some openly in the pedigrees , some not .. Leclerc type ? a Leclerc dog ? ……. when did you get your catch title ? long time ago ?I'd thought they'd be illegal everywhere by now ? they were busting them guys 15-20yrs ago ? weight pull , I knew lots of folks weight pulled their dogs , Mark Landers , gator .....pat garget spawn , Kenny Mcallister mufassa ?
  9. Sounds like you've been around the breed too. My dog was the first Johnson dog to get his BST. Dave Putnam asked me judge an Irondog contest in Arizona, and my dog won the first combined Irondog/Catchdog contest in Texas, so I've been around the breed as well. My dog had to catch a hog in that contest, which was held in Conroe, TX next to Mitch Allison's place. I knew Mitch and his friends Roger Williams and Steve Johnson who gave my dog his CD and also judged the hog catches at a show in Arizona where the vast majority of dogs failed. That was probably 20 years ago, and now PETA has stopped the dog catching contests. My Johnson dog had a lot of Rebel Rouser in him, but he was the sweetest and most stable dog I ever had. I could trust him 100% not to bite kids or harm small dogs. I once boarded a friend's 30 pound border collie who constantly bit at my dog's head and my dog never retaliated. When the week was over, my friend asked if my dog was in a fight because his head had so many scratches! As for defensive aggressive, both my AB's had none of that. Someone could walk into my yard and pet them and get nothing but licks. I actually like the fact that my Bullmastiff puppy will bark at strangers who approach my yard because I like having a good watchdog, which I didn't have with my AB's.

    I have seen a few AB's I wouldn't trust. One of them was an Irondog champion and the other went to my Schutzhund club. One of those dogs' owners said he trained his dog to be wary of strangers, and the other one got him from a rescue organization, so maybe he was raised that way as well. Most of the ones I met were quite stranger friendly. I suppose if I approached them with anxiety and suspicion they might have sensed that and acted accordingly.
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    a long time ago and for a long time ...….I knew them dogs better than half the folks breeding them , maybe more than half , the breed was overrun with puppymillers ……… I knew dave putnam years ago , before there was an irondog or he wrote his book …..…………
  11. It's interesting that we have such difference experiences. Maybe these dogs are just very maleable. It could have something to do with how they are raised. I socialized my dogs and made sure they had good experiences with people. They looked forward to going to the vet because they met people there. They ran to get into the car because they knew they would probably meet people. They even had fun at the boarding places. The facility where I boarded my AB gave him the highest grades and said in their comments "he's a sweetheart please visit us again". I heard from some people that hog catching might make them aggressive to other animals including cats, but that didn't happen to my dog. John D Johnson said his dogs shouldn't be trained to bite a man. Well I had my dog trained on sleeves and bite suits, but he was never aggressive towards anybody. It was all prey driven training, never defensive, so maybe that had something to do with it.
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    the names you mentioned i'm familiar with , I personally never met any of them ……….. leclercs dogs did produce some top line protection dogs …… i'd imagine the reason JDJ said his dogs shouldn't be taught to bite was most likely due to their defensive nature …… I've seen more folks than I could ever remember teach their AB's to bite out of defense , they did that because almost any dog can be taught to bite out of defense , even inappropriate dogs , which most were …….. it's a lifetime commitment to raise a dog trained to bite like that , many folks I knew didn't fulfill that commitment , I know a lot of folks seriously bitten by their AB's ……some of the legit folks knew to train their dogs in prey/play , not that didn't test them in defense , but that was not how the dogs were taught , made for a much more sociable dog …….. I've honestly met very few mild tempered AB's , but then i'm from up north they weren't selecting catchdogs , up here they were bred almost exclusively to bite people ……..
  13. The baby in that picture in my last post was not mine. It was someone we just met at an AB show. My dog was wearing a weight pull harness because he was in the middle of a competition.

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